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Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Review – Removes 60+ Contaminants

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Review

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Review

Are you looking to live a chemically-free and pure lifestyle?

Well, if you do you will also need to include this in your water intake.

The Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System is the world’s first filtration system that uses power to provide you with delicious pure water fast.

Filtered Water In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Place the filter inside the pitcher.
  2. Fill the pitcher with water from the tap.
  3. Plug the pitcher into the wall socket.
  4. Press the button and within minutes you’ll have clean water, even cleaner than when it comes out of the tap.

You’ll have a water filtration system that is plug-in countertop and ready to go.


The Aquasana Powered Water Difference

Ordinary water pitchers use gravity to slowly trickle water through loose gravity particles and they still only filter a small number of possible contaminants.

The Aquasana clean water machine allows you to remove chemicals from the water while only leaving behind healthy minerals that benefit you.

What makes this water pitcher different is that Aquasana has taken the technology that is usually only available in an under counter water filtration system and put it in a pitcher.

That same technology is now made available with the Aquasana pitcher where there is no installation or plumbing required.

When the picture is placed on its dock, it’s immediately powered up and the tap water begins its journey.

Water is forced through a patented Claryum filtration system reducing 10 times more contaminants that the leading water filtration system.

You end up with water that has a delicious taste.

One Filter Goes A Long Way

Each filter lasts up to 6 months or 320 gallons. To put this into perspective that’s the equivalent of 100 cases of water or 2,400 bottles.

Having a water filtration system that does all the heavy lifting for you is a lot better than lugging 100 cases of water into the house so that you can enjoy clean water.

aquasana contaminants

Chlorine and Chloramine are disinfectants that are added to your water by your local water municipality to make it “safe” to drink.

Have you read all the stories about the quality of water that’s been in the news for the past couple of years?

If you’re not using something like Aquasana to filter your water, you know what’s filtering your water – YOU!

Why would you want your body to filter out all those contaminants when you could have Aquasana do it for you?

What’s Included?

You can purchase a basic bundle which includes a pitcher and a docking station or the 16-cup dispenser model.

The dispenser model sits right on your counter top with a full gallon capacity. With the touch of a button, you will have filtered water on demand.

So if you want a glass of water, filling up your coffee machine or refilling your pet’s water you’ll have filtered water whenever you need it.

Why Choose Aquasana Water Filtration System For Your Home?

Aquasana’s main goal is to make health and wellness easy for families and this solution is one way you can integrate filtered water into your lifestyle easily and completely.

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