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Do You Really Need A Home Automatic Water Shut-Off Alert?

If you are looking to protect your home and valuables from devastating water damage that can occur from failed appliances and burst water supply lines with an automatic water shut-off alert you’re in the right place.

Few people understand the extent to which they may be at risk. Water damage in the U.S. makes up more than a billion dollars in property loss.

With a water detector shut-off valve you can rest assured that you will find flooding and leaking early and save yourself thousands of dollars in preventable property water damage.

There are more expensive products on the market such as LeakSmart but we really like the Zircon Leak Water Detector that you can get from Amazon for about $50.00 (pack of 5).

This leak alert is small and discreet but really packs a punch. It sounds a loud 85-decibel alarm if it comes into contact with water.

To use it, place the leak alert on its back and make sure the metal contact is touching the surface. The detector will signal up to 72 hours and it will float in the water. It’s fully automatic and battery operated with no wiring required.

Water Damage Insurance Claims Tips

If you’re proactive and have a water leak detector installed in your home it can help you avoid, or at least, minimize any serious water damage.

The last thing we want to happen is you having to call up your insurance agent and say, “Bill, I guess the cold water hose on my washing machine broke and water ran all through the laundry room and out into the hall. Will my insurance company blame me for not replacing the hose periodically?”


“Bill, our city sewer backed up and now we’ve got a mess. Do I contact the city or do I contact the insurance company to pay for the clean up?”


“Bill, my roof leaked during yesterday’s storm. The wall by the fireplace is soaked. Should I call a contractor? Do I need to call my insurance company first?” Will they call the contractor?

You have to be careful how you report water damage to your insurer. While you must be truthful, of course, make sure you explain the situation with the right language.

For example, don’t use the word “flood” because that may not be covered at all while water damage from a sewer line or leaking pipe may be 100% covered.

Instead, call a water insurance adjuster specialist to help you file the right claim and use the correct terms to ensure that your coverage is not limited or delayed.

You can also visit Texas Department of Insurance to see how to effectively handle water damage claims if you want to do it yourself.


Burst water heaters, broken washing machines, leaky pipes, toilets, or refrigerators commonly waste thousands of gallons of water in homes every year causing tremendous property damages and most of these are entirely preventable.

However, with a few strategically placed alert water detectors around your home, you can find these leaks early and save yourself costly repairs.

Whether you’re home or away you can have peace of mind knowing that your automatic water shut-off system is continuously protecting your home from water damage.

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