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The 21 Biggest Bathroom Trends 2016

21 Biggest Bathroom Trends 2016

bathroom trends 2016

I know that there are many of you that passed on remodeling your bathroom in 2015 have it in your sights to finally change your 1970’s outdated bathroom to something more spectacular. Well, guess what, 2016 is your year and since it’s been awhile you’ll need to be up on some of the remodeling trends.

Let’s talk about the 21 biggest bathroom trends 2016.

Universal design principles continue to be a trend in 2016. And what this means is that bathroom consultants are paying attention to your needs now as well as when you age in your home.

The other great thing is that manufacturers have embraced this principle too so all of the things that you need to create that universal design will be present and also look great. You can enjoy plenty of space and add some resale value to the home and meet your needs for as long as you want to stay in your home.

You don’t want something that is too overly trendy so that in five years you’re going to want to change it again. It’s quite an investment of both time and money to change the bathroom in your home so a little planning and foresight are needed.

#1 Low-Flow Toilets

low flow toilet

Many homeowners are afraid of the term low-flow toilets because there were so many bad ones around in the last 10 years. The new low-flow toilets are actually called high-efficiency toilets (HET) and they’re only allowed to use 1.1 gallons of water and there are actually some fantastic models on the market right now.

There’s what is called a “pressure-assist” toilet which uses the city water pressure that comes into your house and mixes it with air. This, in turn, forces the 1.1-gallon output through your toilet really powerfully. These toilets are both economical and stylish.

Compare this to any toilet made before 1991 that uses almost 4 gallons of water resulting in higher water bills.

#2 Bathroom Color Trends

2016 bathroom color trends

The real bathroom color trend for the last couple of years is the gray. The gray tones are the hot ticket for the next couple of years. Gray is a very classic color, it’s the new neutral. It’s coming off the trend of stainless steel. The stainless steel color is now picking up in bathrooms and will be seen in floors, cabinets, and countertops as well.

#3 Free Standing Tubs

free standing tubs

Free standing tubs are one of the hottest trends for 2016 and for good reason. It gives you the chance to add an interesting element to your bathroom and it can provide you a good place to relax at the end of the day.

#4 Multiple Showerheads

double shower heads

If you love a nice hot shower you’re in luck. Continuing into 2016 there are popular showerheads for the shower aficionado. When it comes to showers, multiple shower heads are still trending so whether that’s a rain showerhead, massaging showerhead, body spray or a wand you really can’t lose.

Showers in 2016 even have a super easy system that allows you to set temperature and spray to your liking. All you have to do is decide what type of shower experience you’re after. The extra wide showerheads that simulate rain are really popular too.

Steam is another luxurious feature that you can have in your home shower. You’ll need to buy a special steam door and steam generator. The size of your shower dictates the size of the generator that you’ll need.

The very latest in shower technology will allow you to control your shower experience at the touch of a button. On the screen select the type of shower experience that you want from water temperature to the type of massage you prefer. The next time you step into the shower you will get the exact one you previously programmed.

#5 Zero Entry or Curbless Showers

zero entry showers

As far as the base goes, a zero entry or curbless threshold is something you definitely want to consider for any new shower you have installed. If nothing else put in a low threshold. Again this is right in line with the universal design principles.

Get rid of the curb, it’s not necessary. You can have a shower with a curbless entrance. Contrary to popular belief, water will not run everywhere. The water can be directed anywhere you desire by the use of gravity and be pushed down the drain.

The bottom line is you date yourself with a curbed shower and the curb presents a huge accessibility challenge if you or a loved one should lose mobility for any reason. It also poses a potential tripping problem for small children who may not be paying attention.

#6 Anti-Fog Mirrors

no fog mirro

If you’ve fantasized about being able to take a long hot shower without having to deal with foggy mirrors you are in luck. Fog free mirrors are hot trends in 2016 and work well for any bathroom renovation.

Say goodbye to the need to have to constantly wipe mirrors clean with your hand or a towel. These anti-fog mirrors are easy to fit and maintain.

#7 Shower Seats

shower seat

Having a shower seat handy while you lather up is a fabulous idea. There are a variety of shower seats and bench options for almost any application. You can choose a suspended seat which is essentially triangles that fit in the corner. Or you could go for a rectangular bench with a pre-slopped top which is a great choice for renovation.

Also, the triangular model which is a solid piece of foam with sanded resin on top is a popular choice. Simply place in the corner of the shower, adhere it in place and tile right on top of it.

The shower benches are nice too and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ergonomically these are very comfortable and are available with back and arm rests. Any of the shower seats mentioned is great for new construction or renovation. You can even install them as an upgrade to your existing shower and put them right over the top of your tiles.

You can even install them as an upgrade to your existing shower and put them right over the top of your tiles.

#8 Square Bathroom Fixtures

square bathroom fixture

Square is the new round when it comes to bathroom faucets in 2016. These faucets do well in a master bath, powder room, and on showerheads. Open any bathroom design magazine today and you’ll see these square designs everywhere.

Whether transitional, modern or contemporary square-shaped designs can accommodate any new bathroom look.

#9 Mosaic Bathroom Tile

subway tile

Mosaic tile sheets offer an easy, affordable and trendy way you new bathroom design. Early mosaic tile sheets were made of small square tiles but as different varieties have become common these have become out of date.

Rectangles of all sizes and shapes are at the forefront of bathroom tile trends right now, especially subway styled tiles.

Patterns and traditional subway tiles are being installed in unconventional patterns like herringbone and basketweave for an innovative new look.

Thin rectangular tiles are a popular alternative to subway tiles and can be installed horizontally or vertically to get a dramatically different style.

Small format stone tile is the most affordable way to get the elegant look of stone.

Small mosaic tile sheets can be cut into squares or strips and can be installed between larger tiles on the floor, walls or shower to create a unique accent.

#10 Spa-like Baths

spa bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are what sells homes and if you are going to devote any time to renovating your bathroom you might as well make it as relaxing as possible.

Many homeowners are creating spa-like bathrooms in 2016. Imagine stepping into your only little private sanctuary. This may include piped music and strategically placed wall speakers, heated floors, spa towels, candles, massage oil and lots of glass tile.

#11 Open Bathroom Shelves and Vanities

open bathroom shelves

Open bathroom shelves and vanities are a trending feature in spa-style bathrooms in 2016. Replacing traditional shelving with an open layout and streamline design. Open shelves have a casual look that is ideal for a contemporary master bathroom.

Waste-level shelving help to keep personal items easily accessible, while the large open spaces below are best suited for storing larger communal items like towels, toilet paper or even hair care products.

#12 Heated Bathroom Floors

heated flooring

Depending on what time of the year you are reading this article you may not be thinking about cold bathroom floors. However, heated floors are one of the coolest things you can add to your bathroom especially if you live in colder climates.

If you’ve ever been to a luxury resort where they have heated tiled floors you probably thought you were in heaven. Heated floors feel good and they are not very expensive to have installed especially if you’re already retiling a floor.

#13 Natural Elements

porcelain tile looks like wood

Anytime you can add a natural effect to your bathroom it helps create a more relaxing and calming effect. Many homeowners prefer the look of wood. In the past, your only options were hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.

Now you have a porcelain style option that will serve this need. Secondly, the sizes of tiles have changed. Innovation and tile set material have made it possible to use larger formats in various applications where it wasn’t possible before.

At first look, these new tiles may look like hardwood but they’re actually porcelain tile. Now you can get the look of wood with the durability of porcelain tile. These are now sold at a price point that meets the needs of the average homeowner.

The major benefit of this type of tile is the new design technology. It provides the beautiful look of real hardwood but because its porcelain tile water won’t damage it and you can’t scratch it up. The format is normally 6 x 24 inches to mimic real hardwood planks.

Because of the durability and water-resistant this tile style is perfect for homeowners with pets and kids.

#14 Lights in Shower

lights in shower

Homeowners are no longer relying only on the bathroom’s main lighting to light up the shower. However, you must make sure you install the proper lighting in your shower. All shower lights must be enclosed in a gasket to prevent any water from getting into the electrical parts.

#15 Trough Sink

trough sink

Trough sinks are hot and were inspired by traditional communal sinks used before indoor plumbing became popular in homes. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes. They are very non-traditional, sleek and can enhance any size bathroom.

#16 Custom Vanities

floating vanity

The traditional vanities that you may be accustomed generally sit on the floor. However, floating vanities are the new craze and are often referred to as “wall hung” vanities. They sit 8 to 12 inches off the floor. It adds a very modern look to any bathroom reminiscent of a spa environment. It can make a smaller bathroom appear much larger. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

#17 Media and Music

kohler showerhead moxie

Imagine a showerhead and wireless speaker that brings music into your shower on a whole new level without sacrificing spray performance. The speaker capsule in the showerhead pairs with any Bluetooth enabled device to deliver hours of music, news or audiobooks.

And while it’s delivering music, 60 angled nozzles deliver the full pressure. The magnetic speaker capsule provides up to 7 hours of run time. Easy to charge too, just pop it out and charge the battery.

Are your ready to enhance your shower experience in 2016 then we recommend the Kohler Moxie Showerhead.

#18 Towel Warmers

towel warmers

In America, they are called towel warmers but in other parts of the country, they are called heated towel rails, radiators or drying racks. This is because they are used for many reasons. They keep bathrobes, towels, cozy and warm. They also help keep musky smells away.

Towel warmers also allow you to reuse your towels and reduce your laundry load.

#19 Undermount Bathroom Sink

undermount bathroom sinks


The demand for undermount bathroom sinks are not exactly where they were three years ago but they still are one of the most utilized lavatory sinks in bathroom remodels. An undermount sink sits underneath the countertop and attaches to the counter from the bottom.

One of the benefits of having this type of sink installed is that it’s much easier to clean because there is no lip that you would normally encounter with an overmount sink. Another benefit is these types are sinks are much deeper (almost double) and that means it will be easier for you to wash things in.

#20 Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops

One of the best things about quartz countertops is that they won’t stain. It’s also nonporous so you don’t have to worry about the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew. Quartz is more durable than granite, marble or soapstone.

It’s one of the hardest materials on earth. Only topaz, sapphire, and diamonds are harder than quartz. Quartz needs no polishing like granite or marble. And because of its durability, it will always remain glossy and smooth.

#21 Touch Activated Faucets

touch activated faucets

Touch-activated faucets can save up to 70% on water usage because it activates only on demand. Most of them have a manual on and off control. One of the best things about these types of faucets is that they spread less germs. These are perfect for kids and you can easily control the water flow and water temperature.

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