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Best Shower Head For Two People

Best Shower Head for Two People Buying Guide

Walk into most home improvement stores today and browse the hardware section, and it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed when searching for best shower head for two people with all the choices that are now available.

And now more than any other time, the selections available can leave most homeowners at a loss, especially when it comes down to which double shower head to choose.

Water is one of the world’s most fundamental elements. It makes up about 70% of the earth’s surface and a similar percentage of our bodies. Each day we have a unique experience with water.

For most homeowner’s this starts with a shower. A shower can be deeply personal or a lot more intimate when you share it with with someone you’re especially fond of.

So whether you are sharing a shower with someone to wake up, to think, to rejuvenate or to unwind we’ve put together this dual head shower buying guide to help you make the right choice.

What is a Double or Dual Shower Head ?

Dual or double shower heads come in one of two styles. One will be a wall mount unit and a hand held combo. The other is a split shower arm. You can choose to run both shower heads simultaneously or separately. Get creative, even if you are alone, by using one head to conserve on your water and the other for a luxury spa experience.

Why You Should Choose A Double Shower Head

  • Convenience. You get the luxury of having both a fixed shower head plus a hand held all with one design.
  • Money savings. With two shower heads this means that two people can wash the grime off their bodies at the same time reducing the amount of water used with each shower.
  • More water flow. Two heads are better than one so that means more water flow and a stronger flow of water.
  • Save Time. Mornings can be very busy at your household. With dual shower heads no one needs to compromise. Both of you can jump in the shower at the same time so no one ends up being late for work.

How To Pick a Shower Head

spray patterns

One of the first considerations when picking your shower head will be selecting a spray pattern that works best for you. Many double shower heads today have multiple settings. Would you prefer a saturating power blast?

Some days you might be in the mood for a pulsating massage. Another spray pattern that you will commonly find is a gentle rain setting. If you live in areas that frequently have droughts the water saving pattern may be more appropriate.

And if you’e in the mood for some pure enjoyment you can pick the mixed mode, they will give some variety during your shower. There’s nothing like a relaxing hot shower and selecting the right shower head pattern can make you feel like you’re at a spa.

Calcium and lime build up

Most any shower head that you buy will end up becoming crusty with lime and calcium build up from use overtime. This usually is the result of hard water. This will end up diminishing the water’s ability to flow through the holes.

Water Conservation

As it turns out water is one of the highest wasters of water, about 17%. On average, homeowners take about 8 minutes to shower. This amounts to about 20 gallons or more of water every time you shower. Saving on water without feeling like you’re sacrificing your shower experience is definitely something you should consider when buying your new shower head for two.

A Water Sense labeled shower head is certified so look for the label. They deliver a satisfying spray pattern and can save you several thousand gallons of water use each year. With water savings like this you’ll be able to many wash many more loads of clothes if you wish. Not to mention the tremendous savings you will enjoy each month by having a lower water bill.

The 6 Best Shower Heads For Two People

#1 First Mate Double Shower Head System, Brushed Nickel

Best Shower Head For Two People

With the First Mate Dual Shower Head you get double the high pressure water with 3 position adjustable spray shower heads. You can easily change water angles on the swivel or ball joint (your choice). The water pattern is reminiscent of a light rain shower. A beautiful bushed nickel finish. Water flow from each head is not strong but very adequate.

#2 Chrome Dual Shower Head Bar With Jet Shower Heads

dual shower heads

Beautifully designed shower head bar with shut-off valves conveniently located on each head. Adjustable heads with good water pressure. One head could be aimed at you while the other aimed at your spouse. The only downside is that shower heads do tend to leak a bit after you shower due to the lack of rubber gaskets inside the shut-off valves. This will costs you extra water use throughout the year but over all still great dual shower heads.

#3 Grohe Freehander Shower System with Concealed Fitting

Shower heads for two people

The Freehander from Grohe offers you a completely new showering experience thanks to a host of convenient features. The dual shower heads makes showering especially pleasurable. They make you feel as though you are standing under a water fall.

A twist of the wrist is all it takes to switch off one shower head and enjoy your shower under a single shower head. It takes one maneuver to switch from overhead to body shower mode which offers you even more showering options.

You can let the Freehander stimulate your back with an invigorating spray. Choose the pulsating pattern for a change. It will massage and stimulate your back whenever you want. A little twist is all that it takes to enjoy a focused massage.

A particularly useful function is the Eco setting that allows you to save water and energy. The Freehander fits perfectly into any shower cabin and above any bathtub. Installation is fast and straight forward. Where the Freehander really shines is it is easy to install an additional handheld shower.

The flexible coupling system allows you to shift easily from the Freehander to the handheld shower and visa versa. Buy the Grohe Freehander if you’re looking to add a spa-like experience without the need for a plumber.

#4 Ana Bath Handheld Shower and Shower head Combo Shower System


dual shower head

The Ana Bath Dual Shower Head has good water pressure and you have the option to have one or both shower heads on at the same time. The shower heads can be fixed or detachable, whichever you prefer. You can choose from a variety of water patterns for great water distribution. Very durable with a sturdy metal build. Aesthetically pleasing with a great design.

These shower heads sport 5 inch heads so you get a large spread of water from two heads. You’re going to definitely want to put this one is your master bath. Of the 6 shower heads we’ve listed here this one is perhaps our favorite one because of the price point as well as the design and build.

#5 Speakman VS-123011 Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower Head

dual water showerhead

The Speakman dual shower head is the ideal product for you and your spouse to share in showering. It is a bit pricier that other dual shower heads but it comes with build, quality,design, innovation and engineering that you would expect from Speakman.

One of you can have the permanent shower head while the other one enjoys the adjustable one. It has an extra long hose that is perfect for sitting while showering. This is also makes it very convenient to be able bath an elderly parent or child in a chair.

The Speakman is all chrome and one of the best looking shower heads on the list. It’s lightweight (under 3 lbs) and it has a patented self-cleaning mechanisms to help combat the hard water flowing through the head.

#6 Waterpik TRS-523/553 Combination Showerhead

double shower head

The Waterpik Combination Showerhead will make showering a lot more fun by giving you a variety of choices. You can switch between the fixed mount shower head or the handheld for a true spa-like experience.

With each shower head you get 5 different spray patterns to choose from which allow each shower buddy to customize their experience. You can choose any setting you desire from a full body spray to a pulsating massage. The OpitiFLOW technology enables up to 30% more water force. Now the two of you can experience renewing power in a fun way. Not the greatest when it comes to craftsmanship and durability.

Wrapping It All Up

Choosing the best shower head for two people isn’t as easy as looking for the newest, water-conserving, eco-friendly model. If you want to take a shower with your partner while giving yourself the most pleasing experience at a reasonable cost you can’t go wrong purchasing the Ana Bath Dual Shower Head.



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