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8 Things To Know Before You Book A Plumber Online

8 Must Know Things Before You Book A Plumber Online

book a plumber online

There are a lot of things that can happen when you book a plumber online and most of them are not good. Many of these guys will tell you anything when you talk to them on the phone just to get your business.

You should always do your due diligence before hiring a “plumber” to do any plumbing work around your house. Here are 8 things you can do to get to know your local plumber before you book a service call.

  1. Are the technicians drug free and background checked? A reputable plumbing company will always provide an extensive background check and drug test prior to hiring any service technician that is going to be entering a client’s home or business. Hire companies not individuals so you can have peace of mind that a criminal is not roaming around your house.
  2. Provides you with upfront pricing. You should always know what your available options are before any work is done, no surprises makes for a happy homeowner.
  3. They can provide you a window of when they will arrive. Have you ever had some errands to run but couldn’t because a service contractor held you hostage at home all day waiting for them to arrive? The plumber you hire should be able to give you updates (usually within a 30 minute window) when they will arrive at your residence or business. It’s doesn’t provide a good customer experience if you’re sitting around home all day wondering when or if a plumber is going to come out to see you.
  4. Do they clean up after they’re done? Sure, they fixed your plumbing problem but now you’ve got to clean up their mess like they’re your kids when they leave. You want to hire a plumber who not only carries cleaning supplies but actually uses them when he’s done. Ask the plumber you’re thinking about hiring online if they wear booties and place covers down to protect your floors and countertops.
  5. Do they have 24 hour live service representatives? Phone trees are quite annoying especially during plumbing emergencies. I’m sure you would much rather talk to a human who answers the phone quickly rather than an answering machine.
  6. Are they properly licensed? Does their insurance cover you at your house if they have an accident? Having liability and workman’s compensation insurance are extremely important. Also, check to see if they have enough insurance to cover the value of your home especially if you live in a more expensive house.
  7. Do they offer a maintenance service plan? Repeat customers is the lifeblood of any local business and plumbers are no different. A professional plumber knows the value of having a good relationship with an existing customer. A plumbing maintenance plan is a way to help build trust over time. The way it works is the homeowner pays a small fee to join. If any plumbing repairs are needed during the calendar year the plumbing company will offer discounts to members. This benefits both parties, the homeowner gets great discounts and the plumber has a loyal customer. Also, you no longer have to worry about which plumber to call when you have a plumbing problem.
  8. Do they guarantee their work? A plumber shouldn’t leave the job until your are 100% satisfied. And if you don’t get the satisfaction you’re looking for from the service technician there should be someone higher up that you call to get the issue resolved.

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