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Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review, 10 Cup

Brita Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review

Today we’ll be doing a Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review.

Water pitchers with filters are great little devices especially if you can’t have a water filter built in under the sink or can’t afford to install a whole house water filtration system .

Maybe you just don’t want to go through all the trouble of having a full house filter installed or prefer the portability factor of a pitcher then the Brita 10 cup water filter pitcher may work for you.

Included with the pitcher is one filter, a user guide and a product information caution sticker.

It has a 10 cup capacity. You pour water in the top and it passes through the filter cartridge which holds 10 cups of water.

The oval shape design allows the pitcher to easily be housed inside most refrigerators without taking up too much space.

According to Brita, the cartridge filter is designed to last about 2 months or 40 gallon whichever is sooner.

The Brita 10-cup is made of BPA-Free plastic.

How To Use Brita Pitcher

Prior to use, you will need to wash the pitcher, lid and reservoir with warm and soapy water. Dry the pitcher off when you’ve completed the wash.

Flush the included filter with cold tap water for 15 -20 seconds prior to use.

After you’ve rinsed off the filter, insert it into your reservoir. Fill the reservoir with water and replace the lid.

Now wait for the water to flow through the filter.

Discard the first 3 pitchers of water or repurpose the water by using it on your houseplants or in your garden.

The Good

  • Brita boasts that the pitcher can replace approximately 316 ounces of bottled water.
  • 10 cup capacity makes it a great size for larger families.
  • The Brita filter reduces zinc, chlorine taste, asbestos, lead, chlorine odor, copper, mercury, and cadmium. All of these are things that may be in your tap water.
  • The easy grip filter allows for quick removal and insertion into the pitcher.
  • The pitcher is made of a BPA-Free plastic.
  • A comfortable handle for an easy grip while pouring.

The Bad

  • No Spillproof locking lid. No flap over the spout so it remains open all the time which means unwanted debris can easily fall in.
  • The reservoir and the pitcher cannot be separated for cleaning. Soap water can become trapped in the tight spaces.
  • No electronic filter indicator, just a filter reminder sticker. A real inconvenience for the consumer who is tasked with the challenge of keeping up with how many times they’ve refilled the pitcher or whether they have reached their two-month mark to replace the filter.
  • The filter reportedly doesn’t last as long as two months and the replacement filters are $10 for a 2-pack variety which is half the cost of the entire pitcher at $20.00. This can prove quite expensive for a family who drinks a lot of water.
  • The water pitcher lid leaks around the edges after a time of use.
  • The lid falls off repeatedly while pouring water.
  • There are a countless number of complaints posted on the consumer affairs website and most of them have to do with the bad tasting water caused by the new Brita filter.


We really wanted to like the Brita 10-cup pitcher filter but there were just too many negative complaints from consumers. With that many complaints, it’s hard to ignore all of the flaws.

Brita is a well-established brand, and have been around since the 60’s but it appears that the quality of some of their products has declined especially their water pitcher filters.

We wouldn’t recommend you purchase this pitcher because there are much better ones on the market. With a $20 price point, it seems tempting but in the long run the product is simply not worth it.

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