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Butt Wipes For Men – Extract The Bad Guys With Speed And Precision!

butt wipes for men

Butt wipes for men are a lot like they sound, a man-size wet wipe designed specifically to be used by men.

If you’ve got a dirty pipe, reach for a dude wipe.

You can use them on your face, armpits, or anywhere that needs some attention. This means that men no longer have to use baby wipes as part of their bathroom routine.

These flushable wipes came into existence because guys wanted a solution to feeling more fresh whether at home, at the gym or on a date.

Are you too proud to use a dude wipe?

How To Make A Wet Wipe Manly?

Nothing inside the packaging is going to have that fresh feminine scent. That means no flowery or talc smells, lemony scents or alcohol odors.

After using man wipes you’ll never feel like you just cleaned up after eating a basket of buffalo wings from Wing Stop.

These wipes are flushable, septic system safe and biodegradable so disposing of them is a no brainer.

The Flushable Wipes Players in the Market for Men

  • Dude Wipes
  • One Wipe Charlie
  • Henry’s Gentlemen Wipes
  • Man Groomer Biz Wipes

dude wipes

Dude Wipes

Sean Riley and Brian Wilken were roommates in Chicago and they noticed that they were using baby wipes to clean themselves up in the bathroom. They sought out to change male hygiene and behaviors so they also added a social aspect to the wipes with social packaging. The writing on the box says “recurring new tweets from Dudes to entertain while doing their business.”

Each Dude Wipe is infused with vitamin E and aloe which are both good for sensitive skin. You can use Dude Wipes at home with the 48-count Crib Addition Dispenser or take them on the go with individually wrapped singles. They’ll help bring freshness to any part of the man anywhere he is.

One Wipe Charlies

One Wipe Charlies are made by the guys over at Dollar Shave Club. Will one wipe actually be all the butt wiping a man will need to do? Not hardly! You will still need to finish off wiping everything up with some toilet paper so you don’t really save on the cost of toilet paper.

The smell is neutral but sometimes it hard to get just one wipe at of the package. The only place you can buy these is from the Dollar Shave Club after becoming a member of their monthly club. Whether or not One Wipe Charlie is a better way to wipe your butt you’ll have to be the judge.


gentlemen wipes

Henry’s Gentleman Wipes

Henry’s is passionate about helping men stay clean. Their gentleman’s wipes help prevent men who are on the go from becoming unkempt. Their everyday butt wipes help men get the kind of intimate cleanliness that you could never have with ordinary toilet paper.

Their wipes are alcohol-free, moistened with aloe, non-irritating and 100% all natural. With Henry’s Gentleman Wipes every man is able to have that everyday good smelling scent but still feel like a complete gentleman.

ManGroomer Biz Wipes

After you’ve had your morning cup of Java nature tends to make its call and when it does reach for Mangroomer Biz Wipes. These are dermatologist tested, flushable wipes for men. They’ll keep you feeling fresh and clean all throughout the day.

The working man needs to keep his Biz Wipes close because that executive scent will give you the confidence to go out seize the day. You’ll know from the time you leave the house and catch that morning bus until you arrive that you’ll be fresh and clean. Keep all your personal business squeaky clean.

ManGroomer Biz Wipes are also a perfect compliment in the gym and those precious family jewels. They are infused with vitamin E and aloe for a nice soothing feeling that lasts all day long.

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