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How To Get A Clean Toilet With Vinegar

Clean Toilet With Vinegar

The next time it’s your time to clean the toilet all you’ll need is a regular bottle of all-natural white cleaning vinegar.

White vinegar is not only eco-friendly but it kills bacteria, germs, mold and lime scales.

Getting a clean toilet with vinegar is a lot easier than you may think and it’s cheap too!

Why We Love Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent

  • Inexpensive and saves money
  • All-natural
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Powerful disinfectant
  • Removes odors
  • Tough on dirt
  • Safe on your skin
  • It cleans green
  • You can control the ingredients, unlike store bought cleaners.

We’ve had a lot of success with white vinegar cleaning faucets, sinks, tubs, and showerheads.

Anywhere that mineral scales and hard water deposits start to develop white vinegar has come through to rescue us.

Items Needed to Complete this Cleaning Task:

  • Cleaning white vinegar (6% acidity) or Distilled white vinegar (5% acidity)
  • Latex gloves
  • Toilet bowl brush
  • Pumie scouring stick
  • Toilet plunger
  • Old towel
  • Toilet paper

How to Get A Clean Toilet with Vinegar

  • Step 1 – Put on the pair of latex gloves.
  • Step 2 – Remove the tank’s lid and pour in approximately 1/2 gallon of white cleaning vinegar.
  • Step 3 – Allow the vinegar to remain in the tank for 4-6 hours or overnight if possible. This will give the vinegar time to help eat away any mineral deposits that have accumulated over time.
  • Step 4 – Plunge the toilet and remove as much water out of the toilet bowl as possible. This will allow the vinegar to be more potent when you pour it into the bowl.
  • Step 5 – Soak up any remaining water with an old towel.
  • Step 6 – Pour enough vinegar into the toilet bowl until it reaches your normal ring line. This will help remove and loosen any stains inside your toilet bowl.
  • Step 7 – Take some toilet paper and saturate it in vinegar and apply it to the inside rim of the bowl where the toilet bowl jets are located.
    vinegar soaked paper towels
  • Step 8 – Let the toilet soak overnight if possible. If you can’t let it soak overnight at least try and give it 4- 6 hours of soaking time.
  • Step 9 – Ater the toilet has finished soaking remove the toilet paper. Take a Pumie Scouring Stick and scrub the inside of the bowl. If you have some stains that are on the very bottom of your bowl use your toilet brush to scrub them away.
  • Step 10 – Flush the toilet. Your toilet should be sparkling clean. If you have not cleaned your toilet in awhile and had some super stubborn stains you may have to apply a second application.

 Other Helpful Hints

You should spot clean your toilet as you deem necessary and deep clean it at least once a month.

When multilayer deposits like calcium and other minerals accumulate inside your toilet they are not only unsightly but also can inhibit the performance of the toilet.

Your flushing may become sluggish and the toilet will not flush as well or as powerfully as it once did.

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