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How To Use Copper Sulfate Root Killer On Meddlesome Tree Roots

 Copper Sulfate Root Killer

Copper Sulfate Root Killer

Springtime is that time of the year when the trees start to bloom,the leaves come out but also accompanying that is aggressive root growth under the ground.

This can cause a lot of trouble when those tree roots try to get into sewer lines. It happens all the time and there’s a way to stop it permanently at your home.

Imagine if you were small enough that you could fit right into the sewer line. What you would see is how the tree roots come into the sewer line, clog it up and create a really big mess.

Items Needed

Manual earth auger

manual earth auger

1 1/2 Inch in diameter PVC pipe and cap.

pvc pipe and cap

Copper Sulfate Crystals

root killing crystals

You want to stop those roots before they become a problem.

  1. Use a hand-operated auger that simply drills a hole into the soil, about 2 inches in diameter.
  2. Use an inch and half PVC pipe and a cap on the top of the pipe that will allow you to get into the pipe in the future if you want to put more of the root killing copper sulfate crystals down into the pipe.
  3. Stop the drill approximately two feet above the sewer line because you want to poison the soil above and around the sewer pipe.
  4. You might need extensions on the auger that allow you to dig deeper and deeper.
  5. Once you’ve finished drilling the hole it’s now time to insert the pipe which is going to allow you to pour the copper sulfate down into the PVC pipe not only today but in the future as well if the roots come back.
  6. Drop the pipe into the hole until it gets all the way to the bottom. The top of the pipe should be pushed down far enough so that the it’s flush with the ground.
  7. Open the plug and pour the copper sulfate crystals down into the bottom of the pipe.
  8. Take some hot water and pour it down the pipe, this helps to dissolve the crystals into the soil.

There are a couple of things you need to before you get into this job.

To locate your sewer line get some help from your local sewer company because they will be able to tell you where the sewer line is located and how deep it is.

If not, contact a local plumber because they will definitely have the proper equipment that will be able to locate your sewer line and the depth of it.

Finally, before you start to drill make sure you locate all the underground utilities. This includes electric, cable tv, telephone, natural gas and water lines.

You don’t want to hit one of those lines with your drill because it will cost a lot of money to get any of these lines repaired if you were to punture it.

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