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Why Does My Drain Smells Like Rotten Eggs ?

my drain smells like rotten eggs

Anytime we can save you some money by you not  having to call a plumber for repairs we are happy to do so.

Hopefully, this will make you more willing to call a plumber when you encounter a job that is too big for you to handle.

A common problem we get from homeowners all the time is why does my drain smell like rotten eggor they tell us that something stinks?

Usually, the smell is coming from a basement, a floor drain but it can also be coming from a shower drain, a basin drain or even a kitchen sink.

In your house, every fixture is protected by a trap. Even if it’s a toilet, a vanity, a shower and even your mechanical room where there is a floor drain.

This P-trap holds water to prevent sewage gasses from coming up.

You always want your trap to stay primed which is a fancy way of saying make sure you keep water in it.

what does a p trap do

If you have a spare bedroom with its own bathroom and shower and no one is using it evaporation will take place because no water is going down the drain.

Once the water is gone a smell will make its way up through the drain hole.

That smell, besides being awful to the nose, is dangerous. It’s methane gas and that’s why your plumbing system is designed to protect you from it with a trap.

Smelly Shower Drain

An easy way to fix this rotten egg smell if you notice it in the bathtub or shower instead of calling a plumber is to get a jug of water and pour it down the drain.

I know this sounds really easy but that’s all there is to it.

Once the water flows down the drain it will fill up the dip in the trap and prevent the gasses from coming up.

You just saved yourself a couple of hundred dollars. You already have all the tools you need, a bucket and some water.

Follow these couple of steps and you’ll have no more rotten egg stink.

Tip: Make sure all the drains in your house are filled with water by turning on a faucet or pouring water down the drain at least once a month in an area of the house that is not frequently used.

Smelly Drain In Kitchen Sink

Step 1: Take some baking soda and pour it down the drain.

Step 2: Take some distilled white vinegar and pour it down the drain. You will notice when you combine the vinegar with the baking soda it will start to fizz. This cleans out any food debris that may be inside your drain and it also acts as a deodorizer. Let it sit for about 5 minutes

Step 3: Pour 2-3 cups of hot water down the drain to help rinse everything down completely.

This is one method of cleaning your sink quickly and easily. The great advantage of doing it this way is that it’s all natural so you’re not using any harmful or toxic chemicals.

Tip: Don’t rinse food off dishes with hot water. Rinse them off with cold water instead because it will not bring to fat, oil, and grease to life. This way your food will more easily be ground up in your garbage disposal and go all the way down the drain.

Deep Cleaning P-Trap Method Video

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