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10 Eco-Friendly Things To Do At Home

Eco-Friendly Things To Do At Home

10 Eco-Friendly Things To Do At Home

We all have heard about how important becoming more environmentally friendly is but do we really do anything about it in our daily lives?

Going green at home and becoming more eco-friendly doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Green living is nothing more than adopting a way of living that helps to maintain the natural ecological balance in our environment.

It also helps to preserve our planet, it’s natural systems and resources.

Instead of talking about solar panels, we have 10 simple eco-friendly tips you can start today to create a greener environment around your home.

These 10 tips are not hard at all and something you can use every day.

Tip #1 – Use Natural Approach To Fresh Air

sweet grass farm candles

We’re all aware of large sources of pollution but what about the pollution found in our own homes? What’s frightening is that air fresheners that you use around the house every day contain dangerous chemicals.

Using a natural approach such as opening windows and doors to allow some fresh air in is much greener, safer and cheaper.

You could also boil household herbs and spices as alternatives to air fresheners.

Replace your candles with soy candles. Not only do they burn longer but they are petroleum free so burn away because they won’t pollute or leave those nasty smoke marks on your wall.

When you purchase your soy candles be sure to buy the kind that has the eco-friendly wicks with the recyclable packaging.

One brand that we’d highly recommend is Sweet Grass Farm. Their Fresh White Lilac scent smells awesome in the bathroom, Lemon Verbena adds a refreshing aroma to any kitchen, Baked Apples and Cream welcomes any Fall season and Coastal Bayberry will have you wishing Summer was here year round.

Tip #2 – Turn Down The Thermostat

nest thermostat

If you’re tired of paying all of those high energy bills take a bite out of them and simply turn down the heat.

For each degree that you turn down your thermostat, you save about 3% of your monthly energy bill.

Try starting at 68 degrees when you’re in the house and then lowering it to 60 degrees while you’re asleep or away. Don’t waste energy keep it in your pocket.

We love the Nest Learning Thermostat. The problem with those old programmable thermostats is that if you don’t have a very regular schedule and the thing is off when you want it to be on and on when you wish it was off.

The problem with those old programmable thermostats is that if you don’t have a very regular schedule the thing is off when you want it to be on and on when you wish it was off.

Even if you are no handyman or handywoman the Nest comes with everything your need to transform from the old programmable thermostat to the new Nest.

It uses your local Wi-Fi network to communicate with you and find out what the local weather is doing so that it doesn’t turn the heat on a hot day or the air conditioner on a cold day.

The Nest also has a motion sensor built into it so it knows when you’re home and will adjust itself to your schedule.

A little green leaf will appear on the Nest that indicates you’re in an ecological setting.

Now it’s expensive, retailing for $250 and you probably won’t make the money back on your saved heating and cooling cost before a couple of years.

But this thing is really cool and if it is within your budget we’d highly suggest you check it out.

Besides, how many times will you have guests over and your cool thermostat be the topic of conversation?

Tip #3 – Reduce Your Junk Mail

reduce junk mail

One hundred million trees are destroyed each year to create junk mail and millions of dollars are used to dispose of it.

Try these 3 steps to remove yourself from receiving these mailers:

  1. Opt out of receiving direct marketing mailers by registering with the mail preference service online at National Do No Mail List.
  2. Remove yourself from receiving catalogs by emailing your removal request to Abacus Direct at
  3. Opt-out of pre-approved, unsolicited credit card offers online at

Not only will you clear your clutter but you’ll help reduce the waste.

Tip #4 – Use Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

energy efficient bulbs

If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an Energy Star bulb with would save so much energy that you could light 3 million homes for one year.

In addition, replacing just one bulb would save more than 600 million in annual energy cost and prevent greenhouse gasses equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars.

So if you want to breath cleaner air change your light bulbs. You’ll still get the look and feel of a traditional bulb but you will lower your energy bill and help the environment.

So how can you lose when you save money, save energy and protect the environment? At the same time, your home will look great so this is a product that is definitely worth your attention.

Tip #5 – Turn Off Your Appliances unplug appliances when not in use

When an appliance is not in use you can unplug it to prevent wasting electricity. Turning off your computer, stereo, and television when you’re not using them will save you thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

Unplug electronics from the wall when not using them even when they are turned off. Things like hairdryers, cell phone chargers, and TVs use energy.

In fact, the energy to keep display clocks lit and memory chips working diffuse 18 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year.

Unplug your appliances so you won’t be shocked with your next bill.

Tip #6 – Use Low-Flow Shower Heads

low flow shower heads

You can lower your water heating cost by using less hot water in your home. You can purchase low-flow fixtures for around $20 and achieve a savings anywhere from 25 to 60%.

This translates into a $200 savings on your water bill each year. It’s important to conserve your hot water because it will go further than a drop in the bucket.

Tip #7 – Choose a Non-Toxic Shower Curtain

non toxic shower curtain

Even something as simple as choosing the right shower curtain can make a difference.

What’s great about Hemp shower curtains is that they are naturally resistant to bacteria and mold. Hemp is a sustainable and easily renewable crop.

If you have a spare $100 or so you can purchase a glass shower door that’s even better. With a watertight seal around the edges, glass offers better protection against moisture leaks and lasts as long as your house.

You should go natural in your bathroom and drop that toxic shower curtain before you get all wet.

Tip #8 – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum

Sort plastic, glass, paper, and aluminum and put it out to be recycled or take it to the dump.

You should dispose of syringes and prescription drugs in a hazardous waste facility.

In the U.S. alone we throw out 250 million tons of household trash per year. That number is reduced each year with recycling so let’s keep it up.

Do’s and Don’t of Recycling:

  • Do rinse bottles and containers before recycling
  • Do leave on the labels and lids
  • Do break down and flatten cardboard boxes
  • Don’t put contaminated cardboard or wet paper in your recycling bins. (Ex. pizza boxes, used napkins)
  • Don’t put plastic bags in your recycling bins. (many retail stores have recycling bins)
  • Don’t put boxes larger than 3 x 3 feet. Take them to your local solid waste facility.

Tip #9 – Use Water Filters Not Bottles

water filter

With a water tap, you don’t need to buy bottles you can get 99.8% pure water for drinking and cooking by using a water filter. 

So make sure you toss your bottle and go pure with your water tap.

Tip #10 -Eat Locally

eat local think global

Think globally and eat locally. If the food you eat is produced close by there is less transportation-related issues.

Eating locally also means eating seasonally, a practice in tune with nature.

Try these 10 eco-friendly things to do at home and see if you don’t help create a greener environment, save some money and create a more joyful lifestyle.

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