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Floodchek Washing Machine Hoses Guaranteed for 20 Years

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Choose Floodchek Washing Machine Hoses For Quality Design and Workmanship

Pretty much all washing machine hoses whether they are made of rubber or stainless steel eventually wear out. However, the Floodchek washing machine hose is a ruptured-proof hose that is guaranteed to last for 20 years.

Floodchek hoses are perhaps one of the highest quality washing machine hoses made and were engineered for reliability and durability. They are made of hydraulic hose which makes them a bit stiff and sometimes you may have to use brass adapters in order to get the proper angle.

These hoses will protect you against hose ruptures but what it will not protect you against are the leaks that you sometimes get from even the best of washing machines. For this consider a water flooding prevention device such as Floodstop.

Why The Type Of Washing Machine Hose You Choose Matters

Based on reports released by insurance companies, flooding disasters caused by aged and defective hoses is one of the leading causes of residential insurance claims.

As we discussed earlier washing machine hoses burst, usually around the coupling, especially the most common black rubber hoses. Rubber hoses are made of layers of rubber and cloth. They deteriorate more rapidly than stainless steel hoses.

Most bursts occur where the hose’s coupling is crimped. As you can see in the picture below how the hose on the bottom has developed a bubble.

burst hoses

Harsh chemicals will eventually rust and corrode the metal coupling on the end of the hose. Also, the washing machine’s constant movement back and forth along with the water pressure will eventually cause the hose to tear and burst.

The pressurized water is then able to easily escape and dumps gallons of water into your home or basement in a matter of minutes.

There’s always pressure in these hoses 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you leave the hot and cold water faucets on there’s always city water pressure in these hoses.

burst washing machine hose

My recommendation is that in between washes that you turn off the hot and cold water valves. I know you might feel this is a painful thing to do but it’s going to be much more painful if you wake up one morning and your washing machine, that’s located in the basement, has totally flooded it.

If a hose does burst it can damage the motor of appliances and wood flooring may need to be refinished or replaced. As the water level rises baseboards and drywall can become water logged causing the potential for mold growth which is unhealthy for your family and your budget.

Did you know a 5/8 inch washing machine hose can dump 37-75 liters of water per minute? That’s up to 64,000 liters of water in 24 hours, enough to fill almost 3 swimming pools.

Washing machine hoses typically last 3-5 years so you need to inspect and replace defective or aging hoses immediately. A step up from rubber hoses would be those made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel hoses are made of an extremely flexible rubber and reinforced with a flexible mesh of stainless steel wire. They have a higher success rate than their rubber counterparts. They can be installed in tight spaces without kinking or creasing which is often the cause of a burst hose.

However, Floodchek hoses are the best washing machine hoses in the world you can buy that were specifically designed to prevent water damage.

Other Things To Consider

  • Never run the washing machine when you are asleep or away from the house.
  • Check your washing machine hoses for leaks and tears frequently.
  • Use Floodsafe connectors
  • Use Floodchek washing machine hoses
  • Use Floodstop for washing machines to stop flood damage in its tracks.

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