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Gleen Green Cleaning Cloth – Cleans Any Surface Only Using Water

Gleen Green Cleaning Cloth

A Fast and Easy Way To Clean

How would you like to be able to clean your glass, stainless steel without using any chemicals at all?

Well, now you can with Gleen Green Cleaning Cloth.

Of course, you can use pure distilled white vinegar to clean your mirrors but there’s even a better way now with an environmentally friendly cloth.

It’s designed to work in your home environment while at the same time protecting our environment.

You’ll have no more need to use harsh chemicals or unwanted toxins with this multi-surface green cleaning cloth.

What is the Gleen Cloth?

Gleen is a patented fiber technology that allows you to clean using only water.

You can clean surfaces like mirrors and windows completely streakless without any rubbing or wiping the surface dry.

Are There Any Chemicals Inside the Cloth?

Gleen derives its power and its ability to clean because of the new fiber technology and water.

What Can You Clean with Gleen?

Gleen will clean hundreds of surfaces inside and outside of your home.

It will clean windows, mirrors, granite counter tops, stainless steel, laptops, Ipads, shower stalls, marble, cabinets, wood, Formica, and much, much, more using only water.

It will leave solid surfaces completely streakless leaving no residue because it is chemical-free.

Gleen will Clean!

Is Gleen Green?

Gleen is green and safe for the environment. Because it uses no chemicals, it’s completely non-toxic.

There will be no adverse reaction to anyone in your home because Gleen only uses water and is made of fiber.

It’s also ecologically sound throughout its lifecycle and it significantly reduces chemicals and toxins in the environment.

How Many Times Can You Use Gleen Before Replacing?

Gleen has been constructed in such a way that it’s extremely durable.

It’s tough to tear with your bare hands. Over its life, it will clean hundreds of applications.

You can wash Gleen in your washing machine or rinse it out under your faucet.

You can throw it in the dryer and you can bleach it.

Don’t clean it using fabric softener because it may leave a residue.

What Is Gleen Made Of?

It’s made of a very high-tech polymer.

The fiber technology is one of the benefits of Gleen but a lot of it has to do with the way the fibers are constructed.

The fibers are constructed in such a way that create a surface that will hold and capture dirt. Then the dirt can be pulled away from the surface that’s being cleaned.

You’ll be amazed at how much dirt the cloth will pick up but that doesn’t impede its ability to clean.

As long as you rinse out the previous day’s cleaning Gleen will continue to work terrific.

Gleen Outside of the Home

Everyone struggles with having a clean car windshield. Gleen works excellent for car windows but is also a great choice for every surface in the car.

Use it to clean your leather seats, your dashboard, and any vinyl in the car.

How To Use Gleen

  1. Wet the cloth with water. (do not use any chemicals or other cleaning products on the cloth)
  2. Wring out the cloth. (leave the cloth damp)
  3. Wash any hard surface inside or outside your home.
  4. Walk away and the surface will dry sparkling clean without streaks and no drying.

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