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How Much Does A Plumbing Snake Cost?

How Much Does A Plumbing Snake Cost?

How Much Does A Plumbing Snake Cost

If you’re looking for a fast way to unclog a sink whether its a kitchen sink or bathroom sink you’re going to need a plumbing snake. If you’ve been wondering how much does a plumbing snake cost we’ve got the answers right here for you. We’ll show you several options that are available when you need to snake you drain.

One of the cheapest investments you can make and it will only cost you $3 is a Zip-It Bath and Sink Hair Snare. This may actually do the trick. If you’ve got long hair one of the biggest culprits of clogged drains is hair. Watch the video below to see how this tool can help.

Between dirt, soap, hair and other foreign objects there’s a lot of things going down the drains in your home so the its not surprising when it gets backed up. To dislodge the more difficult blockage, as mentioned earlier, you’re going to have to call in the heavy artillery. You’ll hear these plumbing tools referred to as an auger or plumber’s snake.

These plumbing snakes are not very expensive if you only need to snake a more stubborn clog. They can also be rented and one of the employees on staff can even demonstrate how they work. A plumber’s snake is designed to be used with most sinks, showers and tub drains.

Size of Drain

The size of drain your are trying to snake will determine the type of plumbing snake you rent or buy. There are a ton of models and sizes to choose from. Will you be unclogging a small, medium or large drain?

Small Drains (All rental prices subject to change, prices current as of 1-10-2016) 

A toilet auger works well for all types of toilets and can be rented for $14/day at Home Depot with a $10 deposit.

A drill unit drain cleaner is good for small inside drain lines up to 35 Ft. and can rented for $39/day with a $50 deposit.

Medium Drains (All rental prices subject to change, prices current as of 1-10-2016) 

A compact drain cleaner that cleans drain lines up to 50 Ft, 1-1/4″ to 3″ in diameter can be rented from Home Depot. These machines can be rented for $57 per day with a $100 deposit.

Large Drains (All rental prices subject to change, prices current as of 1-10-2016) 

An auto feed drain cleaner that are mainly used by professional contractors can also be rented from Home Depot. It features 100 Ft of cable and will clean 3″ to 6″ diameter drain lines. It feeds and retrieves the cable automatically with the push of a button. It’s used mostly for main line clogs. It can be rented for $96 per day with a $125 deposit.

If you don’t have a Home Depot in your local area visit one of these other top commercial hardware stores listed below to rent or buy a plumbing snake.

  1. Lowe’s
  2. Home Depot
  3. Build Direct
  4. Northern Tool
  5. Tool King
  6. Harbor Freight Tools
  7. Essential Hardware
  8. Probuild
  9. Stardust Building Supplies
  10. Masco

Final Thoughts

For most of the annoying clogged drains around your house whether its a tub, kitchen sink or bathroom sink you can expect to spend less than $50 whether you rent or buy. The more money you spend the less elbow grease you’ll use when snaking your drain. Make sure the plumbing snake you decide to rent or buy fits the type of drain your are trying to unclog.

Learning how to snake your own drain could mean the difference between you having a smooth flowing drain and standing in two feet of water.

Drain cleaners often don’t work well and typically all you are doing is throwing money down the drain. Environmentally its not good and we’ve show you some easier, cheaper and more effective ways to get your drain cleaned out.

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