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5 Secrets Of How Not To Get Ripped Off By A Local Plumber

I’d like for you to focus with me for just a few minutes and it might just be the best few minutes you’ve ever spent. Maybe you’ve been ripped off by a plumber and maybe not.

I’m going to give you all the information you need to make sure you don’t get rip off by a local plumber and I also don”t want you to pay a penny more than you have to.

5 Secrets on How Not to Get Ripped Off by a Plumber

For the next few minutes we are a team. The goal of this team is to save you money and greatly reduce the hassle and frustration that plumbing can cause. Let us help you. Oh yeah, how much will you owe me? Not one red cent.

Instead why don’t you take a friend or your significant other out for a delicious meal and a blockbuster movie with the money you’re going to save. Imagine sinking your teeth into a thick and juicy steak while letting the juices drip all down your mouth.

And when your neighboring restauranteurs look at you strangely, laugh like a maniac and shout to the top of your lungs “It’s Good To Be Alive.”

Are you going to do the plumbing repair or install yourself or hire a plumbing professional? This is the first place you will always start when you have a plumbing issue. So let’s assume you’ve decided to outsource the job to a plumber.

Secret # 1 – Make Sure the Plumbing Company has a Legitimate License and Insured

waco plumber
Do not over look this seemingly simple task. It is very important to your financial well-being. Just Google the term “verify plumbing license” plus the state you reside in and check the company out.

All across the nation there are a ton of unlicensed contractors. In many states if you knowingly contract with one its a crime for YOU!

Make sure the name and license number of the plumbing company or contractor matches the invoice from the company.

Many unlicensed plumbers will tell you that they are using their buddy’s plumbing license number or that they are “subbing” under his license.

That’s secret code talk for saying “I’m an unlicensed scummer…I mean plumber.” This simply cannot be allowed by you the homeowner. Also, have your plumber of choice produce a copy of their general liability and workman’s comp insurance.

Now, a legitimate company will no problem being able to produce such documents. God help you if an unlicensed plumber hurts himself on your property. You absolutely need to protect yourself.

Secret # 2 – Make Sure You Get a Printed Firm Price of the Particular Scope of Work to be Performed

hiring a plumberDon’t let a plumber just blindly run up your bill hour after hour. The plumbing company will intentionally send the fattest, slowest, cigarette smoking guy and break-taking guy they have employed.

Because plumbing is hidden in walls and underneath the ground the scope of work could change a bit.

This can happen sometimes but when it does he should quote you on a new price for the additional scope of work. Also, keep an eye on the plumber.

You don’t need to hover so close to him that you can smell his breath. Trust me, most plumbers I’ve met breath isn’t so fresh. You don’t know the guy, chances you’ve never met him before, so just be aware of what’s going on.

Secret # 3 – Warranties

Make sure the plumber writes down on the invoice exactly what the warranty is. If he says he’s giving you a rearview mirror warranty, which means, its warrantied until he can no longer see your house in his rearview mirror. Kick him to the curve – and fast.

Now, if you as a homeowner have chosen to go choose a more inexpensive route such as a bandaid fix to the problem then a shorter warranty simply makes sense. Many of the times when you choose this route there is no warranty at all.

Just be aware that you are aware of your options and that the plumber fully explains to you what’s going on with your plumbing. And if you opt for a bandaid solution to your plumbing problem make sure you are aware of any possible ramifications if the quick fix doesn’t last.

water flood in houseThese bandaid type fixes are the most dangerous types of repairs on your pressure water lines. Remember that if a municipality provides you water ant there’s a flood in your house then water will keep pouring out into your house into the city runs dry and that’s a very long time.

Secret # 4 – Major Plumbing Permits

Make sure the plumbing company pulls permits on major plumbing. Now the rules will vary from state to state on exactly what defines major plumbing. So, what area requires to be permitted may not apply in another area. Ask the plumber or check with your local plumbing department if you are not sure.

The danger of not pulling a permit on a job where there should be one pulled can hurt your wallet. When the billing department finds out and fines you, it will cost you a lot more than a permit would have cost you if you had pulled it in the first place.

It could also affect your safety and sanity if the plumber doesn’t know what he’s doing. Remember life is all about lost prevention. Sometimes keeping yourself from losing often more critical than gaining. Going down is a lot quicker than trying to come back up once you’ve gone down.

Secret # 5 – Get Second Opinions

If what the plumber is telling your sounds a bit fishy get another opinion. I know it may seem like an act of congress to get a plumber to show up to your property on time without the smell of beer on his breath. And if you have a true emergency you’re probably just happy someone even arrived.

But if the problem can wait it certainly makes sense to get another company’s point of view. Wouldn’t you agree?

My friends if you follow these five secrets that I’ve laid out for you here then you will go a long way to make sure that you don’t get ripped off by your local plumber.

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