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Little Known Secrets For Getting Rid Of Toilet Bowl Stains

removing hard water stain

Removing Hard Water Stains In Toilet

Have you ever been tasked with the job of cleaning a toilet that has heavy lime deposits, rust and water stains? Today we are going to give you 5 foolproof methods on how to clean a stained toilet.There are tons of different ways to rid your toilet bowl of stains but these are 5 of our favorites.

There are tons of different ways to rid your toilet bowl of stains but these are 5 of our favorites.

Please do not try to use the method in combination with each other because they are designed to be used independently. We suggest trying them all at different times and then deciding on the one that works best for you.

Now let’s get to removing those gross toilet bowl stains.

Method #1 – Use Iron Out Toilet Bowl Stain Removal (no-scrubbing)

Items Needed:

  • Iron Out Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Heavy duty latex gloves
  • 5-gallon bucket (fill with hot water, at least, 120 degrees or hotter)
  • Old rag
  • Drain stopper
  • Plunger

Remove the top of the tank on your toilet and turn the water off at the base of the toilet. Drain the tank by flushing because you need to get all of the water out of the bowl.

Use the plunger to push through the trap and when you have most of the water out of the bowl take your old rag and plug up the trap. Now use your drain stopper to completely seal off the trap.

Fill your now empty bowl with the hot water from your 5-gallon bucket. Fill it all the way up underneath the rim because you want to be sure to get rid of all the rust stains that are under the rim of the bowl where the jets are.

Now pour the remainder of your hot water in your toilet tank.

Pour in 1/2 cup of Iron Out in the toilet bowl and another 1/4 cup in the tank. Start your timer, turn on an exhaust fan or open your bathroom window and leave for about 10 minutes.

iron out

After 10 minutes have elapsed come back into the bathroom and put on your rubber gloves. Stick your hand in the bowl and remove the rag and the drain stopper. Let the water drain out of the bowl.

Turn the water back on and flush the toilet and replace the tank lid. You now have a sparkling clean toilet bowl.

Method #2 – Cadie Toilet Bowl Tablets

cadie toilet bowl cleaner

Simply drop the tablets into your bowl to help keep your bowl clean without the hassles of scrubbing. These tablets are great to combat rust, lime and mineral deposits left behind by hard water stains.

It not only cleans your toilet but it also deodorizes it while helping to neutralize toilet odors. It’s biodegradable and phosphate free.

Method #3 – Bar Keepers Friend

bar keepers friend

Items needed:

  • Bucket
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Bleach
  • Bar Keepers Friend
  • Toilet Brush and scrub sponges
  • Small cup

Put on your rubber gloves and pour one cup of bleach into your toilet and scrub the bowl with your toilet brush to give it a general overall cleaning.

Turn off the water and flush the toilet. Remove as much water out to the bowl by using your cup to dip the water from the bowl into your bucket.

Powder your bowl with Bar Keepers Friend and take one of your scrubbing brushes to start cleaning the bowl. You want your sponge to be a little damp but not too wet.

Scrub the stains about with the dry Bar Keepers Friend powder. It will require a little elbow grease depending on how tough your toilet bowls stains are.

Sometimes it helps to sprinkle the Bar Keepers directly onto your scrubbing pad when trying to remove the tougher toilet bowl stains.

Pour the water that you originally dipped out of the boil back into the toilet, turn the water back on and flush.

There you have it, a nice white, clean and sparkling toilet bowl.

Method #4 – Borax Natural Cleaner

lemon juice and borax

We’ve talked about the many uses of 20 Mule Team Borax in another post but we didn’t talk about how great it can be as a toilet bowl cleaner.

To make the paste combine 2/3 cup of Borax and 1/3 cup of lemon juice. If you plan to juice your own lemons all the better. The lemon juice will add that fresh smell to your toilet bowl while the borax does the cleaning.

Once you have the paste made apply it to the inside of your bowl with a sponge. Allow the paste to sit for 60 minutes and scrub away with a toilet brush and rinse away residue by flushing.

No more hard water toilet bowl stains – all gone.

Method #5 – Pumice Stone

pumice stone scouring pad

Last but certainly not least is the old reliable pumice scouring stick for porcelain is a useful tool to use to get rid of rings in your toilet bowl.

These are one of the best-kept secrets and they are not the same pumices that you use for removing calluses off your feet.

This scouring stick is made of a soft pumice so it won’t scratch your toilet bowl when wet and it will easily remove those hard stains with just a quick swipe.

Just make sure the pumice stone is wet, take it and move it back and forth inside your toilet bowl after you’ve put your rubber gloves on. The pumice stone is particularly effective in removing stains in areas where your water is hard.

Your local Home Depot is one of many sources for one of these amazing pumice stones.

Now you have 5 methods (only choose 1 at a time) on how to clean a stained toilet that are guaranteed to work everytime.

Bonus Tip: – How To Milk Your Toilet

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