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How To Get Mold Off Of Grout Within Minutes

How To Clean Bathroom Grout Mold

Cleaning Bathroom Grout The Easy Way

Today we’re going to show you how to get that moldy bathroom grout back up to scratch. This method will also work in your kitchen if you have a tiled countertop.

This ninja grout cleaning tip is going to take about 5 -10 minutes of preparation and you’ll need to let it sit for at least 20 minutes to go from a moldy grout to sparkling white again.

That’s right, In less than 1/2 hour, you’ll go from grungy to white grout and do so without the need for any harsh scrubbing.

And you won’t even have to replace your grout.

clean bathroom grout mold

A box of salon care professionally reinforced salon coils will cost you $14.00 at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

A bottle of scented bleach will set you back $6.00. So for a total investment of $20, your bathroom grout woes will be no more.

If you are unfamiliar with salon coils these are normally used in salons to protect a client’s face and neck while the perm is being applied.

It looks like a very long cotton ball and it’s best to buy the kind that is reinforced because they have a little bit of plastic inside and this helps to keep if from breaking apart.

Salon care coils

Reinforced Salon Care Coils

We like to use scented bleach because it doesn’t have as much of an odor to it but any kind of bleach will do just fine.

Take the cotton salon coil and immerse it inside the bleach. You may need to use a fan or open a window to improve the air quality so you can breathe more easily.

Once the cotton has been dipped in the bleach, ring it out as you pull it back out (nice and gentle) but leave enough bleach on the cotton just so that it’s not dripping.

clean bathroom grout easily

Place the cotton on the wall not on the tub. Do not put it on the tub because if your tub is refinished the bleach will eat away at it and possibly ruin it.

Put it along the wall and directly on the grout.

If you have grout that’s going up the wall that’s also unsightly you can repeat the same process with the cotton coils.

Using this method to clean bathroom grout is even safe to leave on overnight. When you come back in the morning it will still be stuck to the grout.

Put the soaked coils in any place that you are trying to remove mold and because it’s wet it will easily stick.

In about 20 to 30 minutes, it should have done its job and you can remove the cotton. You can check it to see if you need to leave it on the treated area a little longer or a little less.

When you’re done take the used coils and place them in a plastic bag because this stuff does smell.

When you’re done your grout will look completely white and there will be no more grime, grunge or mold.

You won’t have to scrub anything. How is that for an easy way to rid your bathroom of grout mold?

To learn the difference between grout and caulk go here.

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