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Learn How To Install A Toilet Flapper Fast

How To Install A Toilet Flapper

How to Install a Toilet Flapper Fast In 8 Easy Steps

If you have a leaky toilet or a toilet that continues to run you may need to replace your flapper. It’s an easy, quick, cheap fix that you can do yourself.

If your toilet continues to run your flapper may be corroded, stuck, cracked or just doesn’t have the proper fit.

Step 1 – Turn Off Water

Turn off the water supply to the toilet.

If you are facing your toilet the water shut-off valve is most likely to the back, left side of your toilet. Turn the football shaped handle clockwise to shut-off the water.

Flush the toilet and hold the level down for 10-15 seconds to completely drain the tank.

Step 2 – Remove Toilet Tank Lid

Remove the tank’s lid and put it aside in a safe spot being careful not to crack it.

Step 3 – Remove Old Flapper

Locate your flapper that sits on the bottom of your tank directly on top of the flush valve seat. Disconnect the flapper from each post. Each side has a little post that the flapper attaches to.

There’s a hole on each side of the flapper that will allow you to easily disconnect it from each post.

Remove one side at a time.

The flapper is connected to a chain that attaches to the flush lever.

Disconnect the chain from the flush lever and that’s all there is to remove the flapper and chain.

Run your hand around the flapper’s seat of the flush valve to check for nicks or roughness on the surface.

If you feel or notice any rough spots you may need to replace the flush valve.

Step 4 – Match Your Old Flapper to a New One

Take your old flapper to your local plumbing supply store or Home Depot to make sure you get the right one.

The so-called “universal” flapper does not always work in every toilet.

The best thing you can do to avoid buying the wrong flapper is to get original manufacturer replacements.

The alternative is buying a bunch of different flappers, taking them back home and keep changing them out until you find one that works.

If you take your old flapper with you to the plumbing supply store and match it correctly the first time you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

Step 5 – Install New Flapper

Once you have your new flapper begin by placing it down in the hole. Your new flapper should naturally rest flush in the hole.

Connect the flapper to the posts on each side. Make sure the flapper is securely attached to each post.

If the replacement was done correctly you should be able to lift up the flapper and gravity will naturally pull it back down into its proper place.

Step 6 – Connect and Adjust Chain

Now that your new flapper is installed you can take the chain and attach it to the flush lever.

It’s a good idea to measure how long your chain needs to be so that you don’t have any excess chain that could fall down under the flapper and get stuck causing a leak.

Once you have the correct measurement remove the clip and place it on the appropriate link in the chain. Once this is done you can now attach your chain to the lever.

Measuring the chain helps to keep any excess parts of the chain from getting stuck underneath the flapper.

Connecting the chain is one of the most important steps. A good rule of thumb is that the chain should have about 1/4 inch of slack when the lever and the flapper are in the closed position.

Step 7 – Test Flapper

Before you replace the tank’s lid pull on the handle to ensure that the flapper lands perfectly on the hole once it drops back down.

Step 8 – Run Flapper Through Final Test

Turn the water back on and allow the toilet time to fill up. Turn the handle counter-clockwise to accomplish this.

If the toilet fills up nicely that means your flapper has sealed properly.

Once the toilet fills up go ahead and flush it to make sure that when the flapper goes down it seals off and isn’t obstructed in any way by the chain.

If there are no leaks you should now have a successful toilet flapper replacement.

Replacing toilet flappers is the most common repair required on most toilets.

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