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37+ Ways On How To Make Extra Money To Pay Off Debt

How To Make Extra Money To Pay Off Debt

Today we are going to learn ways on how to make extra money to pay off debt.

Let’s talk about some side hustles. If you’re serious about becoming debt-free there are three things you’re going to have to learn to do well and they are:

  1. Be strategic. You’ve got to have a plan and stick to it. I’ve provided you with a proven strategy on exactly how to get out of debt with the snowball spreadsheet.
  2. Reduce expenses. You need to become as lean as possible during the debt payoff phase so that all of your energy and efforts are pushed in one direction.
  3. Augment income. As you find ways to cut expenses you also need to discover new ways to increase your income so that you’ll have more money to apply towards your debt snowball. That’s what this post aims to do, show you ways to make some extra money for debt reduction purposes.

Table of Contents

#1 – Become a Virtual Assistant and Get Paid

become a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will provide people with a service remotely. There are all types of services that you can offer to someone depending on your area of expertise. Check out this article to find out how to be a virtual assistant.

#2 – Mystery Shop For Extra Cash

mystery shop

Mystery shopping can be done online but sometimes you may have to physically visit stores as a normal shopper so that you can share your experience with the company that hired you.

Mystery shoppers help companies authentically test whether or not they are hitting their customer service target standards.

Here are some mystery shoppers that I recommend you check out:

#3 – Become a Transcriptionist


If you are a talented transcriber, proofreader or translator then you may want to try being a transcriber. There’s always plenty of work to do and you can work at your own leisure.

All you need to get started is a good internet connection, headset, computer and a few dedicated hours each day. Babbletype is one of the transcription company’s that I’d recommend you apply to if this is something you’re interested in.

#4 – Sell New or Used Products


You can sell new or used items you have lying around your home on sites like Craigslist, Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay. You can even create your own products to sell. You can also do what is known as arbitrage which is nothing more than taking advantage of the price difference from which you buy the product and the price point at which you eventually sell.

#5 – Become a Distributor in Direct Sales or Network Marketing

direct sales

If you find a company who’s products or services you simply can’t live without you can get them at a deep discount or even end up getting them free. When you share and sell them with people you feel might like them as much as you do you’re able to reap the profits.

The great thing about direct sales is that you get the best of both worlds, you get to consume the products and you can also participate in the business opportunity side of it as well.

#6 – Sell Digital Products


Do you have a skill set that you can teach other people how to do? Well, selling digital products online or participating in existing online programs is the way to go. It’s so easy today to become a self-published author.

Uploading your ebook to the Amazon Kindle store is not very difficult at all. You can immediately leverage their millions of customers. You could also sell your ebook on your own website for even higher profit margins.

Websites like UdemyInfoBizAcademy, and Teachable make is easy to create and sell online courses. You create the course, customers buy the course and you get paid.

#7 – Coach or Consultant

Work of female consultant

Work of female consultant

Do you have something that comes really easy to you that people keep begging you to teach them? Are you an expert in real estate investing, public relations, copywriting, table tennis, nutrition or Facebook marketing?

If so, put yourself out there and let people know that you can help them, there are many people who will gladly pay you to become their consultant or coach.

# 8 – Blogger, Podcaster or YouTube Sensation

blog-youtube sensation-podcaster

There are many people who run a blog, podcast or Youtube channel and make a full-time income by sharing their unique message with the world. Usually, they make their money from advertisers or sponsorships who want to reach their target audience.

But you could also use many of the other strategies mentioned in this post to earn multiple streams of income from these distribution channels.

#9 – Become an Awesome Freelancer


There is no end in site when it comes to the type of jobs that you can do when you become a freelancer. You can be a writer, do data entry, web development, tech support, illustration, animation or voice talent.

Whatever skills you have you can profit on those skills by creating a side income. With freelancing, you set your own prices and work schedule. You can sign up for one-time or ongoing projects. Visit websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and HireMyMom.

#10 – Become a Tasker


Do you like doing small chores outside your house? Consider becoming a tasker for TaskRabbit. People may hire you to handle minor repairs, do some general cleaning, assemble furniture, do yard work, organize a closet, do some research or even stand in line to buy the latest iPhone.

#11 – Make Money with Fiverr


If you’ve any talent at all you can sell your services on Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer a product or service for $5.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for graphics, SEO work, video editing, etc. you can go to Fiverr and buy a gig that will handle those services for you.

$5 is the minimum price that you can buy or sell on Fiverr, however, there are strategies that you can employ to increase the amount of money you earn per sale by providing add-ons and upsells.

#12 – Get Paid For Your Opinion

get paid for opinions

Being able to earn extra money with the intent of paying off debt without leaving your home is like winning twice. Earning some extra cash with surveys is not difficult at all. You don’t have to have any experience.

You can take the surveys while listening to your favorite music artist or watching House of Cards. You can choose the hours that are best for you to work and most of all you get paid in cash.

PaidViewpoint sends money directly to your Paypal account simply for taking surveys. It’s free to signup but you have to earn $15 before you can cash out. The typical survey takes a couple of minutes and pays about .10 cents per survey. Those pennies will add up over time.

Bankroll is very similar to PaidViewpoint but you can cash out after only earning $1. It’s fairly simple to make $1. As soon as you meet your threshold of $1 you can make a request for them to send the money to your Paypal account and if you have a bank account they can send it to you there as well.

QuickRewards is yet another survey website that has no minimum payout and they also send money directly to your Paypal account within 48 hours. But it’s much more than just a survey site. You can get paid for shopping, reading emails, printing coupons, watching videos, playing games, and visiting websites.

If you’re ready to get your feet wet right away here are a few other survey companies that we’d recommend:

#13 – Clean Houses for Serious Extra Cash


People will always need their homes cleaned. There are more people than you may realize that are time poor and cash rich.

People with double incomes and kids, seniors, and single parents find it difficult to find the needed time to clean their homes and do all the other chores they have to do. These types of people are ideal candidates and will willingly pay you to help make their homes sparkle again.

#14 – Earn Money Being a Driver

uber driver

If you don’t mind picking up and delivering strangers to their destination consider driving for companies like Uber or Lyft. If you live in a larger Metro city you could earn South of $35 an hour.

If you want to learn all about the ridesharing economy Randy Shear runs an awesome Ride Share podcast that covers this topic in much more depth.

Turo puts a little different spin on ridesharing by allowing you to make extra money renting out your car. This works best with a vehicle that you don’t use very often. If you’ve got a car just collecting dust in your garage consider listing it with Turo and let people pay you to rent it.

#15 – Become Part of Focus Groups

focus groups

Yes, you can make money just by telling people how you feel about certain topics. These focus group sessions generally last 2-3 hours and you can easily make $35/hr or more for your time.

For example, a friend of mine was invited to participate in a focus group recently where she had to listen to snippets of a bunch of songs and rate them on a scantron. She sat there for 2/12 hours and walked out with a $80 check.

There’s no cost involved in participating in one of these focus groups. Check out sites like L & E Research or FindFocusGroups to see if any are available where you live.

The more information you’re able to provide to these companies about yourself while signing up will increase your likelihood of getting selected to participate in one of their studies.

#16 – Install Smart Panel  and SavvyConnect Apps On Your Devices


Smart Panel and SavvyConnect are iOS apps that let you make money just by having the app installed on your smartphone.

The app allows researchers from the company to see what you are searching for on your iPhone and iPad. This is all anonymous, nothing is directly linked to your name. They just collect data.

All of this happens seamlessly in the background on your devices, there’s nothing you have to do. You can earn $15 for the first couple of weeks after you install in on your devices.

After that, you get $5 per month as long as you have the app installed and if you continue to remain active you get a loyalty bonus ever 3 months.

So do the math, in 12 months you can earn $110, $170 in 18 months and $230 in 24 months just by letting them use your devices.


17 – Rent Almost Anything for Extra Cash

When you’re not using things like your golf clubs, a camera, Wii video games or bicycle instead of leaving them sitting in a closet gathering dust rent them on sites like Zilok.

Zilok is like Ebay for renters and it turns out about 80% of what you own you only use once a month. Other websites like Renty Thing and SnapGoods serve similar functions.

How much stuff is packed into your storage unit that you’re not using? There could be a treasure chest in there. There’s a goldmine in sitting in your closet.

#18 – Assist Others and Become an Assigned Personal Assistant

hello alfred

Become a “Siri with legs.” People will always need to get things done in their home by someone they trust and they need an Alfred.

“Alfreds” as they are called are trustworthy members in your community like artists or stay-at-home moms that take on part-time jobs that pay them very well.

As an Alfred, you’ll become someone’s personal assistant and dedicated to them once a week to get things done inside their home.

You’ll be doing things like grocery shopping, picking up laundry from the cleaners, dropping off packages at the post office and almost anything thing else that person may need to get done.

Alfred is currently only available in 5 locations, New York, Brooklyn, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles but will probably be moving to a your city soon.

#19 – Become a Local Guide in Your City


The goal of platforms like GetYourGuide and Vayable is to bring all the activities that you can do all around the world into one internet platform.

How do you fit into all of this? Well, you could be the one to plan unique experiences in hundreds of cities around the globe and actually get paid to be an actual tour guide.

In fact, Forbes reported back in 2013 that the average Vayable tour guide fee is hovering around $250.


#20 – Earn Extra Money Doing Laundry

paid to do laundry

The laundry business is booming especially if you are a stay-at-home mom.

Laundry Care is a nationwide network of individuals who enjoy doing laundry. They help families who either are too busy to do their own laundry or simply hate doing it.

So if you’re looking to earn some extra money, enjoy independence then check out all the resources that they offer to help you start and maintain your own laundry business.

#21 – Test Websites and Share Your Experience

user testing

You can get paid to test websites. You can earn $10 per test in ten minutes just testing websites on your computer or cell phone. Sites like StartUpLift and Analysia will pay you to surf websites and provide share your opinion on what you think.

User Testing is another platform that people go to so that people can test their website and give them constructive feedback on the user’s experience.

As you use the website you’ll have to verbalize all the thoughts on your mind as your screen and speech are being recorded.

This is fairly easy money because all you have to do is say is what you do and don’t like about a particular website.

You will have to get approved first with a practice test but once you’ve been on-boarded you will be able to log into your dashboard and see what tests are available for you to screen.

#22 – Get Paid For Your Language Skills


Two peer-to-peer language platforms like Verbling and Verbalplanet connect people who want to learn a new language with those that are willing to teach them.

These sites do the marketing for you, you can earn reviews and set your own rates and schedule. You’ll be able to do all of your language teaching from the privacy of your home using Skype.

These platforms help you manage your students online and for that as well as the marketing they do they take a small percentage of your earnings, around 15%.

Typically, you can expect to make in the range of $10 – $50 an hour for a session that lasts 45 to 60 minutes in length.

#23 – Become a Pet Sitter

pet sitting

Do you like pets? Are you good with pets? If so, head over to Rover and set up an account and they will pay you to pay you to pet sit other people’s pets.

Obviously, it’s much better if you live in a major metropolitan area but the job is really easy if you think you’d enjoy being a pet sitter.

Your first few clients may be through the website and of course they will take a small percentage of your earnings.

But if you do a really good job for those few clients most of your new business may end up coming word-of-mouth referrals.

#24 – Earn Money Completing Mundane Tasks


A lot of the work you think is being done by machines is actually done by humans. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (Mturk) is nothing more than crowdsourcing.

You won’t get rich “turking” but you can make enough to help make a dent in your debt especially if you love to “multi-task.” You can perform these mundane tasks while doing other unproductive things like watching TV.

What if you could earn a mere $5/day, $150/mo and $1,800 a year that will knock certainly knock out one of that nagging credit card bills.

#25 – Become a Sperm Donor

donate sperm

Donating sperm is a fairly easy way to earn some extra cash but you have to be accepted first.

Cryos International pays their donors per visit on a variable rate anywhere between $50 – $100 on average. So if you were to visit a sperm bank on a continual basis about 3 days a week you could be earning about $300 per week.

Some companies will pay you more for your sperm if you have strong SAT scores or you’re extremely tall.

However, most sperm banks are mostly focused on collecting samples from healthy individuals. The majority of donors are students looking to earn a little extra cash.

#26 – Donate Your Plasma

donating plasma

Millions of people around the world are coping with rare chronic disorders and they need your help.

You can become an essential part of saving someone’s life by simply donating your plasma. Plasma cannot be made in a laboratory so it’s extremely important that healthy adults donate.

Plasma is the clear straw-colored portion of blood that is left over after red and white blood cells and platelets are removed.

Donating plasma that is used to make therapies is a little different than donating blood. Unlike blood donations, donated plasma is not used from blood transfusions at hospitals.

Donating plasma is a great way to make a difference in someone’s life and earn up to $400 a month at places like CSL Plasma or Donating Plasma to find a location near you.

#27 – Sell Your Hair

sell your hair

Let’s be honest, even if you cut your hair off to sell it, it will eventually grow back. HairSellOn and BuyAndSellHair are two of the biggest international marketplaces where you’ll be able to sell your hair.

If you’ve got some long and lovely locks you can make up to $5,000 quick. That’s right, there are a lot of celebrities who will quickly pony up $5,000 for a pony. Some people change hair as often as they change boyfriends.

The price is always negotiable so it’s definitely worth a shot to put some extra dollars in your purse.

Virgin hair brings the best prices. Virgin hair is hair that has never been colored, permed, or chemically treated. The hair is more valuable because it is shinier and healthy looking.

#27 – Get Paid by Being Someone’s Friend

rent a friend

You can think of think of the RentaFriend service as the “Avis of Acquaintances” because there more than 621,585 Friends as of Wednesday, August 17, 2016, worldwide that are available to “rent.”

We know of one woman that leased herself out (all G-rated) for $15/hour to go shopping with another woman. She also wrote a ton of thank you notes for another woman’s wedding at the rate of $25/hour.

We’re in a day and time where people are willing to pay you at least $20/hour just for your companionship.

There are so many people in every city across the country that would like to do fun things but don’t have anyone to do them with.

RentaFriend claims that some friends are making as much as $2,000 per week lets members set restrictions on who might become a buddy.

It’s free to join and all transactions are negotiated between the member and the client.

#28 – Participate In a Clinical Research Study

clinical research study

Taking part in a clinical research study is a big decision. It can be a positive experience that compensates you for your time and participation. The first step to participating in a clinical trial study is the screening appointment.

You’ll be given an informed consent form and then you’ll talk to a medical professional about the study’s purpose, procedures, and any potential risks before you enroll.

These clinics are very similar to a hospital floor. You will share a room and bathroom floor with people of the same sex. Each clinic has a dining room where meals and snacks are served.

You can even bring your own laptop to help you stay connected to the outside world during your free time.

Covance Clinical Research is located in the following locations:

  • Dallas, TX
  • Evansville, IN
  • Daytona Beach, FL
  • Madison, WI
  • Leeds, UK

#28 – Make Your Smart Phone Work for You

make money with smartphone

Make a deal with Pact, a smartphone app to work out a certain number of days per week. If you keep your promise you get paid but if you don’t you pay. It’s time you exercise your right to turn your smartphone into a little cash.

Here are some free apps for Apple and Android that will earn you some extra cash.

  • ReceiptHog – snap a photo of your grocery receipt and you can earn coins to trade for gift cards or cash.
  • Viggle – earn points for watching TV or listening to music and redeem those points for gift cards or trips.
  • ESPN Streak for the Cash – you predict sport event winners and try to keep your winning streak going. The person with the longest streak at the end of the month wins $50,000.

If you’ve got a smartphone there’s no reason to let some free cash pass you by.

#29 – Make Money Tutoring English Online

teach english online

You can make $25 – $30 online teaching others how to speak English. English as a second language or ESL is very popular right now and there are companies that will pay you decent money to teach their students.

You don’t have to have any experience and there’s no travel involved as all tutoring is done virtually. All you’ll is a Skype account and a webcam.

Instructors are in big demand so if English is your native language you should apply for a teaching position.

Below are four companies that are ready to hire you:

#30 – Capture Moments and Sell Them

make money on shutterstock

Shutterstock is a great place to make extra money as a contributor by creating unique photos and videos. So if you’re already capturing moments with your camera or video equipment this website can definitely help fatten your pockets.

They get millions of visitors to their website every month and because of all the built-in traffic that increases your chances of being able to make money from your outstanding 5 to 60-second videos, images, and photos.

Shutterstock pays great commissions to its contributors who are uploading great content. You can get paid via Paypal or check and the minimum threshold for an electronic payout is $75.00 and $300 for a check.

#31 – Earn Money Shopping and Delivering Groceries

instacart personal grocery shopper

Many people are too busy to go grocery shopping for themselves are they simply don’t like to do it. This is where you come in by becoming a personal grocery shopper for Instacart.

If you’re looking for a flexible schedule, outgoing and love being in the grocery store this is an excellent way to make extra money to help you eliminate debt.

Basically, the way the service works is that customers order groceries from their favorite stores online or using the Instacart App.

You would be the one to fill the order, pick it up and deliver it to their door front door. You get a text via your smartphone and can always accept or reject the order.

As soon as the delivery is made Instacart pays you out of the money paid by the customer. The average pay per hour for shoppers, according to Instacart ,hovers around $25/hr.

#33 – Make Money Scrapping and Recycling Metal

make money with scrap metal

Most cities have a calendar that lists their trash pickup days that you can download and print. You can also download the exact zone of the garbage route to your smartphone.

You can start with a car, pickup truck and eventually you might want to add a trailer. You go scraping 5 days a week. Be sure tie down your scrap metal so that when you drive it doesn’t fly out of the truck onto the highway.

Look for old refrigerators,washers, dryers stoves,tubs, sinks, and car batteries. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Depending on what you find you can make upwards of $50 or more an hour just by collecting other people’s junk and selling it to a scrap metal company.

#34 – Become a Resume’ Writer

become a resume writer

Having a great resume’s is a way to stand out from the crowd and land a great interview. As a Resume Edge writer, you will create resumes for other people that help capture the attention of employers.

If you have a knack for writing engaging resumes take advantage this freelance opportunity on a part-time basis. You’ll be able to help people sort through their past experiences and highlight their unique qualifications.

#35 – Become a Translator

become a translator

Do you speak another language? You can advertise under the local job listing page on websites like or become a part of the team for One Hour Translation.

As a translator, you can work as much or as little as you want and they will even take care of all the billing, invoicing, and payments for you depending on which company you partner with.

#36 – Become a Postmate

postmates delivery

Join the Postmates movement and earn up to $25 an hour. Postmates is like Uber but instead of picking up and deliver people you would be picking up and delivering food.

Once you become a Postmate you can set your own schedule and walk, bike or drive to pick up and deliver the food to its destination.

#37 – Sublet an Extra Room or an Entire House

sublet your space

AirBnB is an online service that will allow you to list your list your property on their website on a nightly basis much like a hotel.  and earn money.

Combined, at the time of this writing, AirBnB has about 1.5 million places to stay and your place could be added to the list.  They will soon be bigger than the three largest hotel chains combined.

Airbnb only keeps 15% of the bookings so the other 85% goes into your bank account. Forbes wrote an article stating that there are 75 people making over $1 million dollars a year.

#38 – Get Paid for Commenting

make money commenting

With sites like Postloop and Kingged you make money doing things that you enjoy. You work at your own pace and you get paid when you want to get paid.

Forums and blog owners are always looking for more visitor engagement on their websites and are more than willing to compensate you for your efforts. You earn money by leaving thoughtful comments on these blogs and forums.

You won’t get rich but you can earn enough to help you make a dent in your debt.

#39- Dropshipping – Become the Middleman/Middlewoman

drop ship model

When most people think about selling their stuff they usually default to what’s sitting in their basement or garage. The problem with this method is that they soon run out of things to sell and there’s no way to really scale the process.

There’s a much better way with drop shipping where you become the middleman or middlewoman. Online wholesale directories like SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands offer a marketplace of prescreened suppliers for people interested in selling their products on eBay or on their own e-commerce site.

#40 – Shake Up the Consulting World

hourly nerd

HourlyNerd and The Second Shift are freelance platforms that make it possible for highly sought after professionals to consult for companies like GE or Microsoft on a freelance basis.

Many companies don’t want to hire full-time employees and one way to cut cost is to hire people as consultants opposed to full-time workers with health benefits.

You can become the best possible expert that these companies bring off the proverbial bench when they need you and get paid very well.

Their primary focus is providing elite business consulting work such as finance, marketing, and strategy at the mid-levels. Some freelance consultants at HourlyNerd earn as much as $200 plus an hour.

If you’ve spent time at a big company and acquired some fantastic skills but now want to construct a work life that fits around your ideal lifestyle this is the perfect opportunity for you. Set your own hours, work less and get paid more.

#41- Arbitrage on Fiverr


Arbitrage may sound like an odd word to you at first but when you employ the strategy effectively it can help you earn a hefty side income. When you arbitrage all you do is take advantage of the price difference between two things.

For example, if I know John is happy and willing to pay me $25 to get a graphic created for his website and I also know that Sarah will create this graphic for me at a price of $5, I just profited $20 and I didn’t have to do any of the work.

Well, you can do this same thing on Fiverr. You can get million of services for As little As $5! Visit Now!


Final Thoughts

debt snowball (1)

Use all of the extra money you earn and pay off your debt using the Debt Snowball Effect. The goal is to earn enough money to quickly eliminate all of your debt not to earn more money so that you can spend it. Have fun.

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