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How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink Full Of Water

How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink Full Of Water

How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink Drain with Standing Water

Today we’re going to teach you how to unclog a bathroom sink full of water with a minimal amount of work and without using any harsh chemicals.

When we finish you won’t believe how easy this was.

That means we’re going to show you how to do this without harming the environment or your septic system.

The items needed to complete this plumbing task are:

  • A towel
  • Plunger
  • A Backed-Up Sink Full Of Water

different types of plungers

When you a have a backed up bathroom sink the clog is usually located in the P-trap (see picture below).

sink's p-trap

You could remove the P-trap to unclog the drain but we’ll show you the best way to unclog a bathroom sink.

Take your plunger’s cup and fill it full of water because you want to make sure you are plunging the sink with water and not air.

This process helps to remove the air out of the plunger.

Fill the rest of the sink with water all the way up to the sink’s overflow hole.

Take the towel and place it over the sink’s overflow hole.

You need to cover up the overflow holes to keep the pressure from the plunging in the drain. If you don’t do this step correctly this process will not work.

Take your plunger and start plunging. Move the plunger up and down vigorously to loosen up the clog that is in the trap.

The standing water inside of your sink will start to flow down the drain and this is your indication that you breaking through the clog.

In just a few short minutes your drain should be open again and your clog is gone.

Run some fresh water in the sink and your sink will be draining freely again.

Unclogging a bathroom sink is a simple as that and you can do it in under 5 minutes.

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