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Inline Ice Maker Filter – The Smart Way To Filter Your Water

Inline Ice Maker Filter

Water Filter For Icemaker

An inline ice maker filter is incredibly versatile. It can be used in a variety of applications, for example, you can use it as an external refrigerator that does not built-in filter.

If you have an older fridge you may not have filtration built in but you may have a water line running into the fridge for a water dispenser or an ice maker. This water is unfiltered if you don’t have a built-in filter.

Installing a filter for the fridge’s icemaker is simple, just snip the water line in two and stab one end into the inlet and the other end into the outlet of the filter and park the behind your fridge. You will now have filtered water.

You will now have filtered water.

You could also use the inline filter as a stand-alone drinking water filter under your kitchen sink. Perhaps you have a drinking water faucet but it’s not currently being filtered.

Snip the water line under the sink, put one end in the inlet and one in the outlet of the inline filter cartridge and you now have filtered water to that drinking water faucet.

Anywhere that you have a quarter inch outside diameter water line you can simply cut the line and stab one end into the inlet, the other into the outlet and you’re on your way to filtered water.

Most of these icemaker filters have what are known as quick connect fittings. Quick connect fittings are a tried and true technology used by professionals, making it easy to connect the filter to your fridge.

quick connect fittings

An inline ice maker filter helps to reduce the unpleasant chlorine taste, odor and minimizes dirt, rust, and sediment in your drinking water.

They provide basic filtration to give you good tasting water even with ice in it.

Typically the filter’s life is approximately 2,500 gallons or 6 months whichever comes first. Your water quality will have an impact on the filter’s life.

If you have really nasty water with a lot of sediment in it, you may not get the full 2,500 gallons out of it.


An external filter for your ice maker can be quickly connected via 1/4″ quick connect fitting easily behind your fridge, without needing any special tools or a plumber.

There are many different brands of external filters on the market today but all of them essentially work the same.

You will need to turn off your water supply before installing the filter or you will have water flooding through your kitchen.

Most inline ice maker filters work with all major brands refrigerators and icemakers such as Kenmore, Samsung, GE, Frigidaire and LG as long as they have 1/4 inch tubing.

The filters remove chlorine, lead and other violate organic compounds.

Say goodbye to the bad tasting, bad smelling water that you’ve put up with for too long. Say hello to contaminant free, pure tasting water, and ice.

Installation only takes 5 minutes and the filter fits neatly behind the fridge.

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