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7 Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal for the First Time

7 Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal for the First Time

installing a garbage disposal

Having a garbage disposal installed in your home is more than just an added convenience it actually has many more benefits that you’ve never thought about. Once you finish installing a garbage disposal for the first time you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Here are 7 benefits for installing your very first garbage disposal:

Benefit #1

It cuts down the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Did you know that food waste is the second largest category of municipal solid waste (MSW) sent to landfills every year? Yes, that’s right which ends up  being over 30 million tons of food waste that U.S. homes send to landfills. By doing this you are wasting a valuable resource.

Benefit #2

When food scraps are processed in the right way they can enhance your soil as a natural fertilizer, feed animals and generate renewable energy.

Benefit #3

Today’s garbage disposals offer some great new features including quieter operations, increased grind capacity and they’re easier to install. With this being the case this is a very inexpensive way to add to your home’s overall appeal in the event you decide to sell one day.

Benefit #4

Installing a garbage disposal in your home means you no longer have to food scraps decay in a nearby garbage can. This not only makes for a better smell in your house but cuts down on the amount of bacteria which makes home conditions a lot more sanitary. Also, less food in the garbage can means less trash you’ll need to hall out to the curb each week.

Benefit #5

When food from Sunday’s dinner is not disposed of property there are adverse health effects it can cause if it ends up in a landfill. In landfills, this same food releases foul odors as well as heat-trapping gases such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Also, food scraps that find their way into landfills are incinerated. When you incinerate food waste it releases harmful pollutants in the air which can lead to all kinds of respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

Benefit #6

Having a garbage disposal makes it easy to put food in its proper place. Not only is disposing of food waste a smelly and messy job but it also serves as a magnet for insects and animals when disposed of improperly. Bagged garbage also creates an unsanitary environment around your house as well.

Benefit #7

Garbage disposals are very affordable today and easy to install regardless of the age of your home. Today’s models operate more smoothly and quieter than the older ones. They range in power from 1/3 horse power all the way up to a full horse power.

You have the option of a continuous feed or a batch feed unit. And the great think about it is that you don’t even need to call a plumber to install a garbage disposal when you follow some simple instructions.


Sure you can live without a garbage disposal and many homeowners do so everyday but by using one you not only create positive benefits for our environment but you also make for a more sanitary home. If installing a garbage disposal for the first time has been a dilemma for you, these 7 benefits should help you get off the fence and install one this week.

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