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Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaners That You’ll Love

Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaners

All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner Without Harsh Chemicals

All the products we’re going to share with you today are non-toxic bathroom cleaners aimed solely at cleaning your bathroom.

We want to help you tackle the specific problems in your bathroom and give your some all natural products to help you get it sparkling clean.

Disclaimer:  Anything you use, as with any cleaning product, do a patch test in an inconspicuous area first before you spray it all over your bathroom.

A lot of the cleaners we’re going to talk about today use vinegar and lemon. These ingredients tend not to be good for natural stone or porous surfaces like marble.

If you want to read more about vinegar as a cleaning agent go here.

Vinegar is an inexpensive effective disinfectant and deodorizer, odorless once it’s dry, safe and non-toxic.

They will actually damage them so check your surfaces before you use any of these DIY cleaning products.

Vinegar and lemon are well known for their cleaning properties and we’re just combining them in a way that we hope works for you.

The all-purpose bathroom cleaner recipe noted in the picture above is easy to make. Once you combine the ingredients just give it a good shake.

Leave it in your bathroom and use it for cleaning toilets, tubs, sinks, and showers.

With lemon, you have to make sure when you spray it on that you wipe it back off again.

We love to put lemon in an all-purpose cleaner because it smells nice. A lot of store bought cleaners have a scented smell anyway.

Plus lemons help to neutralize the smell of vinegar in your bathroom.

The lemon is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. The citric acid in the lemon helps to kill bacteria as well as fight mold in the warm, moist areas of your bathroom.

It also helps to fight calcium deposits because it has a low pH and is high in acid.

The vinegar helps cut through the lime scale. So for soap scum, lime scale, hard water deposits the vinegar really cuts through it quite effectively.

The water is added because you don’t need the vinegar and lemon mixture too concentrated.

For all-purpose non-toxic bathroom cleaners that you use one or twice a week mixing it with water is absolutely fine.

Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

streak free glass cleaner

Use this streak-free glass cleaner on all of the bathrooms mirrors in your house as well as your windows.

This 50-50 solution works amazingly well and you’ll no longer have to buy standard glass cleaners. The vinegar will give your mirror the added shine.

Be sure to use a microfiber cloth. Spray on the vinegar and water solution, buff it off.

The vinegar smell might put you off a bit but within five minutes or so the smell disappears completely.

Heavy Duty Soap Scum and Lime Scale Cleaner

soap scum and lime scale cleaner

This is also a simple recipe of 1 part vinegar and 1 part Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap. You can use a regular dishwashing soap like blue Dawn if you like.

We like Mrs. Meyer’s because it has essential oils in it and it’s really tough on dirt and grime but quite gentle on your bathroom surfaces and Mother Earth.

Use this cleaner for the tougher bathroom stains and get rid of the strong and overpowering smells of commercial cleaning products.

Breathing in all of those unwanted fumes from standard bathroom cleaners can be quite overwhelming not to mention very unhealthy.

Spray the solution on the cleaning area, allow it to sit for five minutes or so and wash it off. Wipe it off with a sponge and finish wiping the surface with your microfiber cloth.

All Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

all natural toilet bowl cleaner

Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with water until you get the consistency of liquid mixture that you want.

Add 15 -20 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Place the cleaner around the rim of your toilet bowl and let it sit for about 1/2 hour. Then give it a good scrub with your toilet brush.

The baking soda acts as an abrasive and the Tea Tree Oil helps to kill the bacteria.

With these natural bathroom cleaners, there’s really no need to ever buy commercial bathroom cleaners again.

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