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Plumbers Hero Review – Your Plumber In A Can!

An Unbiased Plumbers Hero Review

plumbers heroIs the Plumbers Hero the one product that plumbers don’t want you to know about? The claim is that you just press and unclog the mess. It supposedly annihilates the clog. Ok we’ve done a ton a research on this product and offer you our Plumbers Hero review so that you can make an informed decision if you’ve got a clogged drain.

Snaking a drain does not always work and calling a plumber can be expensive. Basically the way this aerosol drain clog remove works is that compressed air is combined with water which creates a force that jet propels through any clog so they say. Unlike many harmful chemicals that homeowners put down their drain Plumbers Hero has proven to be safe for any type of pipes.

No more waiting up to eight hours like you typically would have to wait with other drain cleaners. It even works right through a garbage disposal. Things that you should never put down your garbage disposal like rice, grease and coffee grounds it will unclog that as well.

The shelf life is over 10 years and it also works on toilets, sinks, drains, tubs and shower drains. Clogs never seem to show up at an convenient time but what if you could have your very own plumber in a can when you need him?

Ask yourself? What would a service call cost from a local plumber in your area? Don’t count on spending less than a few hundred dollars when you looking to get a drain unclogged. They’ll charge you $75 just to come out and look. With Plumbers Hero you can get up to 20 uses per can.

The Plumbers Hero Kit is sold at Home Depot for $19.99 which includes a small adapter for your garbage disposals, sinks or vanities. The large adapter can be used for toilets and tubs. It also comes with a toilet extender so you won’t have to stick your hand in the toilet.

When you do a double sink you will need to cap off one or you’re going to have a real mess on your hand. Just cap off one end and blow through the clog in the other end.


First it really comes down to simple math, do you spend twenty bucks and give Plumbers Hero a try or do you call a local handy man or plumber? If you’ve already tried to plunge or snake a clog in your house and nothing has loosened the clog then we’d say move full speed ahead.

You will have to buy this product online because they normally don’t stock it in the brick and mortar home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot so you will need buy it before you need it.

From our research the verdict is in and about 80% of users absolutely swear by Plumbers Hero. It solved their problem by unclogging their drains, toilets and sinks. The other 20% said it was too messy and it didn’t succeed in clogging their drain. These same dissatisfied users preferred to use a traditional plunger, an auger or simply call a plumber.

The worst than can happen is you’ll be out of $20, still have a clogged drain and possibly have water with other unmentionables sprayed across your body.The best that could happen is that you saved yourself a couple hundred dollars by not having to hire a plumber because Plumbers Hero was your plumber in a can.

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