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Pur Water Filter Review – Great Tasting Water With 1 Click

Great Tasting Water With 1 Click

Pur Water Filter Review

So you’ve been drinking tap water because you got tired of buying bottled water but the taste is horrible.

Do you ever think about what could be in your tap water? Well, now there’s an easy way to get clean drinking water.

Today we are doing a Pur Water Faucet Review.

Pur is one of the leading faucet water filters for home use and is easy to install with its 1-click faucet installation.

It’s great for cleaning, cooking food and quenching your thirst.

The filter is certified to remove more contaminants than the leading pitcher water filter.

Pur is available in three faucet mount systems, Basic, Advanced and Advanced plus.

PUR Black "White" Vertical Faucet Mount

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Chrome

PUR Advanced Plus Horizontal Faucet Water Filter

It Mounts to Your Faucet with Just 1-Click.

Items included in the package:

  • Filter ( good for 100 gallons or up to three months whichever comes first)
  • Faucet Mount Unit
  • 4 Faucet Adapters
  • Pur manual and product data sheet

To install you’ll first need to prepare your faucet by unscrewing the existing faucet aerator.

If you aerator is hard to unscrew try using a rubber jar opener.

If there is an old washer remove it and choose the right faucet adapter from one if the four adapters included in the box.

Your faucet will either be an internal threaded (female) or external threaded (male).

If it’s external threaded try adapters A or B. Adapter A will fit most external threaded faucets.

If it’s internal threaded try adapters C or D.  Adapter C will fit most internal threaded faucets.

Make sure the washer is firmly seated in the adapter before installation.

Attach the adapter to the faucet and turn to hand-tighten.

To install your Pur water filter twist off the top of the unit and insert the filter. Make sure the filter is oriented correctly.

The filter should easily drop into place. Replace the top cover.

To attach the filter carefully push the unit onto your faucet. You should hear a click as you pop the filter into place.

Press down on the switch for filtered water. The indicator light will flash for a few seconds to show that your filter is functioning properly.

Before you use the new filter cartridge be sure to run cold water for five minutes to flush the cartridge.

Only run cold water through the filter during the flushing process.

When flushing your filter it’s quite normal to see some cloudy water as well as hear air pushing out of the filter’s cartridge.

Flushing helps to remove any loose material which is normal.

If you want unfiltered water just pull up the filter switch. In this position, you can run hot or cold water through your filter.

If you need more space either swivel the filter to the rear of the sink or remove the unit from the faucet completely with the white quick release button and set aside temporarily to wash any large pots and pans.

You can easily reinstall the filter with just 1-click when you’re ready for filtered water again.

Use your Pur Water Filter for filtered drinking water, cooking, coffee, tea, baby formula, feeding pets and much more.

The indicator light lets you know when you need a new filter, If it’s green it’s clean. If it’s yellow – Hello… If it’s red that means your filter might now be taking out everything it should be and it’s time to put a new one in there.

If it’s yellow, the filter is getting close to needing to be replaced.

If it’s red that means your filter might not be taking out everything it should be and it’s time to put a new one in there.

Pur gives you an easy way to get high-quality water at home.

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