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Why You Need A Shower Filter For Hard Water

shower filter for hard water

A shower filter for hard water is a great way for you to filter out not only the contaminants that may be in your shower water but other harmful chemicals, particularly chlorine.

Chlorine can be very offensive to your body. It can make your hair brittle and make your skin itchy and dry. Chlorine is most often added to your water by most cities and municipalities and for a good reason.

It’s placed in the water to keep it clean from viruses and bacteria but what’s really best for your health and well-being is for you to filter out the chlorine from the water as you’re getting in the shower.

You probably don’t realize this but your body is going to soak up a good majority of the water that you are showering under. It’s not just about the water you drink but that’s what most people seem to focus on.

The water you bathe and shower in is a much bigger problem. Research shows that the dangers of vaporized chlorine are 100 times greater through inhalation from showering when compared to you actually drinking it.

In fact, a single 15-minute shower is equivalent to drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water. This is due to toxic gasses like chloroform and trichloroethylene released from the hot water.

To remove the high metallic and chlorine content in the water you’re going to need a shower filter. Heavy metals and chlorine in your water can irritate your skin, leave unpleasant odors and even rust and corrode your showerhead.

Berkey Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head

berkey shower head

Are your ready to filter most of that chlorine out of your shower water?

Well, the Berkey shower filter is a complete system. This filter will reduce water soluble metals such as lead, mercury and iron in your water.

It will also reduce up to 95% of chlorine from your water as well as hydrogen sulfide, lime scale, mold, algae, fungi, and even remove bacteria.

Installation is easy because the Berkey showerhead replaces your old showerhead. Your new showerhead will offer three relaxing settings, mist, spray, and massage.

Not quite ready to give up your old showerhead but still would like to enjoy the filtration power of Berkey? Well, the filter will conveniently fit into your existing showerhead.

When you order your unit you will receive the filter, shower head, and back-flow attachment. The filter will typically last up to 25,000 gallons or one year. This is equivalent to you taking approximately 2,500 showers.

When it’s time to replace your filter, take out the old filter and replace with a new one and close it back up. Berkey is a great shower filter, very inexpensive and easy to install.


shower head filter berkey

Are shower filters worth it? Definitely. They can help prevent your hair from drying out and your skin from becoming dry, flaky and itchy. The EPA talks extensively about the potential danger of long-term exposure to chlorine.

If your skin is really sensitive you definitely want to stop taking showers in unfiltered water because the chlorine in your water can be really harmful.

The Berkey Shower Filter is just one such shower filter for hard water that we really recommend but there are ton’s of others on the market today that do the same thing.

Try one of them out and let us know whether your showering experience improved or not.


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