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Sink Positive Reviews – Turn Your Toilet Into A Sink

sink positive reviews

Sink Positive Reviews

The best way to describe the Sink Positive is it’s a toilet tank lid that also doubles as a sink. It saves water, space, and Mother Earth and that’s really cool.

  • Allows you daily water savings, as much as up to a couple of gallons per person with normal use.
  • A great way to encourage sanitation after using the bathroom because there is always a visual cue.
  • It’s easy to install without the use of a plumber.
  • It’s a great addition to small bathrooms where a wash basin doesn’t exist or space is limited.
  • It’s very easy to identify toilet leaks because you can see a visible drip.

Simple Explanation Of How A Toilet Works

Clean water is used to fill the tank which is then flushed down into the bowl every time you use it.

So, knowing this the Sink Positive works in a similar fashion.

How Does The Sink Positive Work?

All you do is replace your standard tank’s lid with the Sink Positive lid which is an aftermarket accessory. This retrofit lid fits just about any standard toilet.

It comes in two pieces to accommodate a range of sizes. You reroute the water supply that comes in the tank to the faucet.

Now when you flush the tank water flows back in the toilet allowing you enough time to wash your hands over the tank.

The water runs about 30 – 45 seconds after you flush allowing ample time to wash your hands without wasting unnecessary water. No additional water is being used.

The resulting greywater is then funneled back into the bowl. This enables you to eliminate water use at the sink’s basin saving you literally gallons of water per day.

Do You Still Need A Sink?

You will still want a sink basin to shave, wash your face, and brush your teeth but this toilet sink definitely can help you conserve gallons of water per day.

how americans use water

Sink Positive Installation

Think of this little device as the ultimate green water saver.

The water’s refill cycle isn’t affected at all because the water still only runs long enough to fill the tank.

Typically, the only adjustment that you will need is the amount of water pressure that is coming in through the faucet.

The Sink Positive Deluxe model has an aerator on the faucet which softens the water and helps reduce splashing.

Final Thoughts

It’s not often that you find a green product like this that is easy to install and use while at the same time paying large dividends for our environment.

When we all find little ways to chip in to help the environment with items like the Sink Positive it adds up over time.

Now there’s a way to turn your toilet lid into a sink and deliver a clean, environmentally friendly hands-free way of washing your hands after every flush.

The scented soap you use (we prefer hand put hand soap on the toilet instead of bar soap) ends up washing down into the toilet. This helps to turn that formerly foul-smelling toilet into a bed of roses.

Sink Positive is made of a durable plastic but from a distance, no one but you will not know that it’s not porcelain.

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