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Toilet Bowl Water Level Drops – Here’s A Quick Fix

Toilet Bowl Water Level Drops

Did you know that people spend 6% of their waking hours in the bathroom on average?

Are you experiencing toilet bowl water level drops?

Well, you’re going to want to stick around because no one wants to use a toilet that doesn’t have enough water in it.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your toilet where the water level is too low inside the bowl itself it’s usually a quick and simple fix.

Take a bucket of water and slowly pour it down in the bowl.

The water will naturally rise to its full level but will not go any higher. Wherever the water rests that is the level where it is supposed to be.

However if you notice that slowly there is less water in your toilet bowl then it’s usually due to one of five reasons:

  • A broken or damaged fill valve tube. (most common problem)
  • Not enough water in the tank.
  • A partial clog.
  • A blocked vent pipe.
  • A cracked toilet.

Replace the Toilet Fill Valve

Removing and replacing a worn out or damaged toilet fill valve is easy. We recommend buying the entire toilet fill valve and flapper kit and just replacing it all at once.

Not Enough Water In The Tank

Remove the toilet bowl’s tank cover check to see where the water level is once the fill valve has stopped.

The water level should be about one inch below the opening of the overflow tube.

If you notice that the water is much lower than that then enough water may not be making its way into the tank to fill the bowl after you flush it.

You can fix this simply by making the necessary adjustments to the float inside the tank.

A Partial Clog

clogged toilet bowl

Check your toilet’s piping system because water could be siphoning from the bowl.

The easiest way to do this is to pour water into the bowl while it sitting still and if the water backs up then you probably have a clog somewhere.

The clock may be caused by a large piece of debris such as a kid’s toy, “flushable” wipes or a sanitary napkin.

The best way to remove this kind of blockage is by using some rubber gloves to reach down and pull it out or by using a toilet auger.

Blocked Vent Pipe

The vent pipe’s function is to replace the air that is lost when the water rushes into your tank after you flush it.

However, if there is any type of blockage in the vent pipe the water cannot flow through your toilet.

Listen for a gurgling sound when you use the bathtub or another toilet. If you hear that gurgling noise then you likely have a blocked vent pipe.

To tackle this problem you’re either going to need to climb on the roof yourself and unblock the vent or call a plumber.

If you decide to climb on the roof be sure that your body is well anchored so you don’t fall.

Spray water into the vents with a garden hose the clear the pipes.

A Cracked Toilet Bowl

Diagnosing this problem is fairly simple.

If you notice water on the floor around the base of your toilet you probably have a hairline crack in your toilet somewhere.

There is no reliable way to repair a cracked porcelain toilet so it will need to be replaced.

A cracked toilet should be replaced immediately because not doing so can cause mold, mildew as well as serious structural damage to your bathroom floor.

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