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Toilet Maintenance Tips – Checklist For A Trouble Free Toilet

toilet maintenance tips

There’s an old saying that states “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” especially when it comes to a place you will spend the biggest chunk of your time while in the bathroom – the toilet.

Generally, when we think of toilets we’re usually thinking about cleaning them not performing scheduled maintenance.

However, if you want to keep your toilet operating at the highest level of efficiency practicing these toilet maintenance tips will help.

time spent on toilet

Not only can performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your toilet keep it running in tip-top shape but it can also prevent many more expensive problems down the road.

Wouldn’t you rather find a faulty or worn out part and replace it before it breaks?

Those emergency plumbing situations never seem to happen at an ideal time.


If you’re looking to get mold, bacteria, rust, mineral deposits, hard water stains out of your toilet tank, rim holes jets and toilet bowl try Hurriclean.

It uses washing soda and citrus oil rather than bleach. Bleach will actually shorten the life of your flush valve and damage your flapper causing significant leakage.

All you have to do with Hurriclean is open up the pouch and pour it into the tank. Let it sit for at least 6 hours and then flush the toilet.

It’s a very easy and non-corrosive way to clean your toilet. It’s chlorine free and has no harmful chemicals.

It’s also phosphate free and safe for septic tanks.

Testing Toilet for Leaks

If you think your water bill is too high 90% of the time it’s due to a toilet leak.

Checking for a toilet leak is really easy.

Before you can do the test the first thing you need to do is flush the toilet and wait 5-10 minutes.

Next, take the lid off the tank and set it aside. All you need now is some food coloring or dye tablets.

Add the food coloring to the water in the tank. You want to add enough so that you change the color of the water.

Wait about 15 -20 minutes and make sure you do not flush the toilet.

After the time has elapsed look inside your bowl and if you have some color inside your bowl then you have a toilet leak.

If you have a toilet leak inside your bowl it could be caused by a bad flapper which you can replace yourself.

Another reason for a high water bill is because of that toilet in your house that’s hardly ever used.

If you’re not using the toilet it’s a good idea to shut off the water supply at the rear of the toilet.

You should test your toilet for leaks at least twice a year.

Clean Toilet Rim Jets for a Stronger Flush

There are rim jets/holes around the rim of the toilet. If you take a mirror and hold it inside your toilet just under the rim you’ll be able to see the holes.

These holes get dirty and clogged up with gunk and they stop your toilet from flushing properly and the bowl from getting the right amount of water.

You can use the end of a wire close hanger to insert into the holes of the rim jet to remove anything that is lodged inside.

Be careful not to jam the close hanger into the hole too hard and end up cracking the bowl causing yourself even bigger problems.

Clean all the rim jets as best you can with the clothes hanger.

Shut off the water supply line and flush the toilet to remove all water inside the tank.

Place duct tape on the underside of the rim to seal off all the rim jet holes.

Get at least one gallon of pure white vinegar and pour it on the inside of the tank after removing the lid.

Flush the toilet.

Since the duct tape seals off the rim jets the vinegar will get inside the holes and clean the residue and limescale. Allow to sit overnight.

The next morning remove the duct tape and clean off any remaining gunk.

Turn the water supply line back on so that your toilet’s tank can refill.

Additional Toilet Maintenance Tips

Performing these basic toilet maintenance tips will go a long way to help keep the toilets in your home performing at an optimal level.

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