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Toilet Seat Slides – Stop The Wiggle For Good!

toilet seat slides

A common problem that we’re sure many of you have faced is a toilet seat moves.

No matter how hard you tighten the bolts or how many times its done it seems to loosen back up in a very short period of time.

If your toilet seat slides we’ll show you how to stop the wiggle for good!

What you’re going to need is a toilet seat tightening kit.

These kits are rather inexpensive and you can pick them up at almost any local hardware store or online retailer.

toilet seat tightening kit

Below is a picture of what the washer looks like. As you can see it’s quite flexible.

This is the washer that will be inserted underneath the toilet tank. This is included in the package that you get.

loose toilet seat problem

Here’s another component that is also included in the package. The way this works is that the toilet bolt nut is easily inserted into the slot.

This is designed to secure the nut in place so there is no more wobble. It prevents your toilet seat from becoming loose again.

toilet seat comes loose

As you can see the toilet bowl bolt securely fits into the convenient slot. Once you slide this bolt into the slot and tighten it down your toilet seat will be stable again.

loose toilet seat video

Here’s What to do When a Toilet Seat Slides

Grab a Phillips screwdriver so that you can reach the hinge bolts underneath the cover.

Sometimes you can pry these off with your finger but we’ve found that its a lot easier to pry it open with a screwdriver.

fix a wobbly toilet seat

Lift up the cover with a screwdriver so that you can get to the toilet’s hinge bolts.

loose toilet seat bolts

This is the hinge bolt where you will insert your Phillips screwdriver.

my toilet seat comes loose

Use your screwdriver to hold the bolt securely in place while removing the hinge bolt nut which is located underneath the toilet.

how to fix a loose toilet seat

Once the hinge bolt nut has been removed now its time to insert the flexible washer (narrow end up) up and over the bolt underneath the toilet.

toilet seat repair kit

Here’s a picture from underneath the toilet. The hinge bolt nut has been removed and now it’s time to inserted the flexible washer with the narrow end facing up.


Insert the washer over the bolt and push it into place. The washer should be flush up against the bottom of the toilet.


Now you’re ready to attach the bolt. This is the other part that comes inside your package.


Place the item on the bolt that’s sticking out underneath your toilet and tighten with your screwdriver from above.


Tighten the nut from above.


Tighten the bolt but be careful not to overtighten (about 1/4 inch turn) because you run the risk of cracking the porcelain.


Replace the cover. Repeat the same process on the other side of the toilet.


Check to see that there are no more loose toilet seat bolts and that the wobble is gone.

toilet seat loose on one side

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