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Washing Machine Hoses, Stainless Steel vs Rubber

washing machine hosesStainless Steel Hoses or Rubber

Washing machine hoses, stainless steel vs rubber which one should you use? One thing that you can do in your laundry room to avoid a plumbing emergency If you have rubber washing machine hoses is to replace them as soon as possible.

Why? Because burst hoses from washing machines are one of the top 10 claims filed by homeowners with their insurance companies.

Based on research performed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, water damage claims related to washing machine failures make up more than 55% of total claims. The average claim caused by burst or leaked washing machine hoses exceed $5,000.

washing machine rubber hose

What’s the difference between rubber and stainless steel hoses? One is made of rubber tubing with a polyester reinforcement lining and costs about $10  and the other is has a PVC core with a braided stainless steel exterior with a 90-degree elbow.

The 90-degree angle on one of the ends means that you will be able to push your washer 2-3 inches closer to the wall without the hose kinking up on you.This helps you save space while eliminating the stress points on your hoses.

Over time rubber hoses will become rigid and start to lose some of their flexibility. The rubber hose will eventually burst and create one big cleanup mess.

stainless steel washing machine hoses

The biggest difference is that the stainless steel hose has a 1,500 pounds per square inch (PSI) burst strength. The rubber hose only has an 800 PSI burst strength. This is of critical importance to you, especially if your washing machine is located inside your house.

Look at the video below and watch what happens to the  plastic pipes. This is exactly what happens inside washing machine hoses every time the water is suddenly turned off.

How Quickly Can a Burst Washing Machine Hose Flood Your House?

You have about the same amount of water pressure in your washing machine hoses that you have in the other faucets in your home. The water pressure can easily pop a weakened hose causing your house to flood.

In a normal residential setting water will spew out of a burst hose at rate of 6 1/2 gallons per minute or over 600 gallons in just one hour. The supply lines on washing machine are always open so water will continue to pour out until someone turns off the water at the main shut-off valve.

If the hose breaks while you are at work for 8 hours or longer your entire house will be flooded causing extensive damage well into the tens of thousands of dollars not to mention months of cleanup.

4 Things You Can Do To Prevent Washing Machine Catastrophes

  1. We’ve already covered this one if you have rubber hoses replace them with stainless steel braided hoses.
  2. Check washing machine fittings for improper positioning and leaks at the connections every time you use the machine.
  3. Know where your emergency water shut-off valve is located.
  4. Install an emergency shutoff kit, just in case one of your appliances does spring a leak so you’ll be able to quickly nip it in the bud. We really like a device made by Floodstop. it not only works with washing machines but also water heaters, dishwashers, ice makers, sinks and it even comes with an automatic phone dialer.

The difficulty level in replacing these washing machine hoses on a scale of 1 to 10 is about a .5 so do yourself a favor and spend the $20 and replace any worn out or rubber hoses.

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