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Save Money With A WaterSense Shower Head

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Are you looking for a better shower?  You can shower better with a high-efficiency WaterSense shower head. Showers use both water and energy to heat water. Did you know that about 25% of the water usage in your home is the result of showers?

It just makes sense to switch to WaterSense-certified fixtures so you’ll be able to save money, water and reduce the amount of energy you use. The cost of these shower heads will pay for themselves in less than one year.

Many older style shower heads can use up to 7 gallons of water per minute (GPM) compared to the WaterSense water-efficient models which only use around 2 GPM.

Water conservation is being talked about more than ever these days. Maybe you’re one of those people who are consciously making an effort to help reduce the impact on our environment. If you are then doing your part to help conserve on water is one way you can help.

A WaterSense labeled shower head is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), look for the WaterSense label like the one depicted below.

watersense label

A WaterSense shower head delivers a satisfying spray while saving up to 2,900 gallons of water each year. To put the water and energy savings into perspective, this is equivalent to you being able to wash an additional 71 loads of laundry every year and enough electricity to power your home for 13 days. Not to mention your savings on your water and energy bill.

Isn’t it time you green up your bathroom with an eco-friendly shower head? Who wouldn’t want to reduce their water usage up to 20% without compromising the showering experience? Once you have a shower head that is WaterSense labeled you’re ready for the shower install.

Installing Your WaterSense Shower Head In 4 Easy Steps

The only tools you will need are a crescent wrench and an inexpensive roll of plumber’s tape.

  1. Start by removing the old shower head. If it’s on the shower arm really tight you may need the adjustable wrench to take it off. Be sure to place a soft cloth around the fixture so you don’t scratch it if you have to use the wrench.
  2. Remove the old plumber’s tape and apply new tape for a tight seal.
  3. Take the new shower head and position it at the end of the shower arm and carefully thread it on. (remember righty tighty – lefty loosey) You want to get it hand tight.
  4. Now take the adjustable wrench and give the new shower head a quarter turn to make sure it is nice and snug. This will help to make sure that it’s installed correctly. Remove the excess plumber’s tape.

There’s no plumber required for installation and these WaterSense showerheads work with any standard shower head arm. The are aesthetically pleasing, modern and you will not have to compromise by having less shower head pressure. These shower heads create significant water pressure so your shower heads will perhaps be more enjoyable than it was before.

Now that you’ve installed your new shower head you’ll be saving money, energy, water, and you’ll be doing something that’s great for the environment.

There are many WaterSense partners that will even give you a rebate if you buy and install one of their WaterSense labeled products. To see if this is available in your area go to the EPA Rebate Finder website.

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