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What Is A Faucet Aerator ?

What is a faucet aerator? Faucet aerators are devices at the end of a faucet that control the stream of water coming out of the fixture. A high-efficiency aerator reduces the amount of water that flows from the fixture without a loss of water pressure and performs the same as higher flow rate aerators.

faucet aerator

The small inserts that sit inside the chrome cap on your faucet create a soft flow and minimizes the splashing of water. However, small particles periodically get into the small holes and eventually block the minuscule holes in the aerator and its screen then you have a clog. The aerator also helps to reduce the amount of water you use.

How to install an aerator?

To install the aerator, you will need a pair of pliers and a piece of cloth. Before you install your new aerator remove the old aerator from the faucet by turning it counter clockwise. Some aerators are only hand tightened and others you will need a pair of pliers and cloth to remove.

If the aerator is difficult to remove by hand use a pair of pliers to loosen the aerator. Before loosening place the piece of cloth over the aerator to prevent the pliers from scratching.

Before loosening place the piece of cloth over the aerator to prevent the pliers from scratching the fixture’s finish. When you’re trying to get the aerator off don’t exert too much squeezing pressure or you may bend it into an egg shape.

If that doesn’t work you can try a white vinegar soaked rag. Wrap this around and over the aerator securing it with a rubber band but give it some time to soak in. This will help loosen it.

Next, turn on the water to wash out the faucet. Turn off the water when finished. You may have to clean the faucet with a brush or cloth before installing your new aerator.

To install the aerator on a faucet with inside or female threads place two rubber washers on the inside of the aerator. Screw the aerator into the inside threads of the faucet.

To install the aerator on a faucet with outside or male threads place one rubber washer on the inside of the aerator. Screw the aerator onto the outside threads of the faucet.

Occasionally remove the aerator and rinse the pieces to clean out any sediment buildup.

You can also install a kitchen dual spray swivel aerator. To install this type of aerator follow the same installation steps mentioned above for the standard aerator.

This kitchen aerator has a 360-degree swivel so you can direct the water flow. It also has the ability to switch between a soft, splash-free bubble spray or a powerful wide spray.

All you have to do is pull down on the end of the nozzle for a wide spray and push up for a bubble spray. This kitchen aerator also includes a pause valve so you can slow the water valve to a trickle. This is ideal when soaking or scrubbing dishes.

This feature maintains the water temperature when you need to take a brief pause from running the water at full blast.

How to unclog and clean an aerator?

Is your faucet running slower than normal, if yes, the aerator may be clogged? Have you noticed a drop in water pressure coming from your faucet or shower head? Does the water come out unevenly or at odd angles? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions you may have debris clogging your aerator.

No worries, unclogging and cleaning it is easy and you don’t have to turn off the water supply for this job. To unclog, remove the aerator in the same manner detailed above on how to install a new aerator.

Once the aerator is removed, flush out the spout. Disassemble the aerator and clean off any debris. Be sure to locate the rubber gasket that sometimes sticks to the end of the spout. Remember how the pieces came apart so that you can reassemble them later.

For stubborn deposits soak the parts in white vinegar and scrub them with a toothbrush. If parts of your aerator are damaged or broken you may need to replace it.

Aerators are so cheap (less than $5) we see no reason why you wouldn’t just replace it.

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